Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hand-Stamped Golden Arrow Pants

After I painted mini's black shoes with a gold heart, I realized she could wear them on Valentine's Day, provided she had a cute outfit to match.  I was planning on doing some kind of freezer paper stencil on a shirt and went to walmart to buy a plain t, when I found this cute little heart top on clearance:

All the shiny, metallic gold hearts... it was meant to be.  Which meant I need a bottom of some sort to coordinate.  I pulled out an old pair of mini's black leggings to complete things... but they seemed lacking in some way.  I realized those hearts needed cupid's arrows, and that if I put those arrows on the pants, they'd be wearable all the time, not just Valentine's Day!  (I love arrows right now.  Am I the only one?  The geometrical thing is pretty cool, but arrows.  I'm all over that.)

Here's what you need for these cute little pants:

The first thing you'll do is follow the instructions on the textile medium for mixing it with the paint.  Also, you'll need a nice, skinny brush instead of that big foam thing.  You will also need a craft knife of some sort to cut those erasers.

A note, about the lines... I decided to just hand paint them with a skinny little brush.  I happen to like the imperfect, flawed, distressed look this gives the pants - even when some of the lines are a little closer or angled a bit.  If you don't like this, you could use the edge of cardboard or card stock to stamp lines across, or you could freezer paper stencil them.  End note.

1. Lay out your pants.
2. Begin by paintings horizontal lines all up the legs starting at the cuffs.
3. Once the legs are done, paint lines up the rest of the pants to the waistband.  
4. Flip them over and do the same to the backside.  You'll want to lay them out in such a way that you'll see the very end of the lines you've already painted so you know how to match them up.
5. Cut a small triangle in the end of one of your erasers and a tiny straight line in the end of the other eraser.
6. Dip your triangle in the paint/textile medium and start stamping the triangles along the lines, all facing the same direction, at random spacing.
7. Dip the line in the paint/textile medium and start stamping a ways behind each triangle - this is the fletching, obvs, and I did two right next to each other, but I think just a single line would look a little cleaner.
8. Stamp all triangles up the pants on one side, then flip and do the other side.
9. Then stamp all lines up the pants on one side, then flip and do the other side.

You'll likely have to redip your eraser stamp into the paint every two marks or so.

Let them dry, and voila!

Cute little cupid's arrows to complete your gold heart look!

And that's how you make hand-stamped golden arrow pants.  Yea!

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