Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Little Dotty.

Yep.  I jump on bandwagons.  It's true.  The thing is, even when I swear I'm not as far behind the bandwagon jumping as it seems I am, there's very little evidence since I always post my versions months after the millions of other versions have debuted since I am - all together now - such a procrastinator!  In any case, I made some DIY polka dot tights.

Slightly different than other versions I've seen.

I was crushing on some tights from Old Navy for mini.  They were so cute with their red and their tiny white dots and their knit...
BUT.  They were 8 bucks (plus tax and shipping and stuff) that I didn't really NEED to spend, when I figured I could create the look myself.

Here's what you need:

So.  I got some little $4 tights at target.  (not knit, but that was better for painting, I figure)  I already had an Elmer's Paint Pen in white and the adorable little girl, so total this was only a $4 project for me!

And because I like showing you the abundantly obvious, here's a photo tutorial!

Put the tights on the adorable little girl.  Have her stand on something tallish so you can sit in a chair and be at leg height.  I suggest a table - which she thought was hilarious for .2 seconds and then promptly became terrified of.
Now.  Take your paint pen, and following the instructions for use on the pen, dab tiny little dots all over the front of one leg of tights.  All over.  Totally random.  No order, no lines.  Just poke the pen on there.  Now, I suggest doing a few square inches at a time, then going back over them and moving on, then going back over those and moving on.  You may have to go over them up to 3 times total - that's what I did.
Now, do the same for the front of the other leg.
Do the back of one leg.  
Then the other back.

And you're done!  I didn't bother to do the heel or bottom of the feet, or go up higher then the upper thigh since none of that will even be seen.

And though they aren't a perfect match to the Old Navy tights, I'd say they're a good less than half price equivalent!

I love this girl in tights.  Look at those twiggy legs!

Figured these babies will be perfect for Valentine's Day!  If you want to get REALLY fancy shmancy, you can draw little hearts (by basically making a wide, curvy "v").

(and in true mom fashion, I couldn't stop taking pics once I started...)

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Megan said...

So smart! I would have never thought to do that.

Unknown said...

All boys at my house, but I have a niece that would look adorable in those! Great pics, your daughter is too cute! ~Kelly @ Eyes On The Source

Unknown said...

Aw, cute and thrifty! What a nice idea. In my opinion, you can never have too many pairs of adorable baby tights.

Gayle x

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