Friday, February 28, 2014

Second time's a charm. Or something.

So.  Did you check out my last photography contributor post over on Hi! It's Jilly!?  

Today my second post is up!  And it's all about:

Yep.  There's only 5, so not overwhelming.  And it's for any camera.  Any person.  Any scenario.  So I think that includes, well, all of you!

Check it out!

WAIT!  There's more!!!

Have you ever wanted to know why those bears loved their porridge so darn much?  Wonder no more, folks, because today is the day I spill all the beans.

A girl and a glue gun

I'm the foodie contributor over on A Girl And A Glue Gun and it's my mom's recipe for 3 Bears' Porridge up on her blog today!  However, it's a family recipe that I've been sworn to secrecy on, so don't tell anyone.

It's so easy to make, so tasty and sooooo very comforting on these super cold mornings... so go over and check it out!  (Just don't tell my mom about it.)

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