Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year!

I know you're used to me disappearing for days, weeks... sometimes even MONTHS (cough, cough) and thus my absence needs no explanation, BUT the past few weeks have been a hullabaloo - first mini's birthday, then Christmas prep (and you know I go totally MIA for that), then Christmas itself, bug's birthday, and our trip to visit the fam in Utah!  It was pip's first plane ride, and tons of other fun stuff that will be discussed later on...

So now that THAT'S out of the way... hello!  Hope your holidays have been fabulous.  It's always so hard for me to just jump back into blogging after a break.  Awkward.  As if I'm not sure how to talk to you anymore.  So let's all just shake it off... aaaaaand, there we go.

It's a new year!  You've probably been on top of that for, oh, say, a little over 3 weeks now, but since this is my first post of 2014:
Happy New Year!

I'd like to start the New Year out all nice and orderly (completely contrary to my normal state) so I thought I'd reintroduce myself, this here blog, my (kinda sorta) schedule, and give you some announcements.  And updates.  And basically the 411.

I'm Kimberly.  

This is my blog.  Yep, I'm the "me". 
It began quietly enough as a way to hold myself accountable for my creative pursuits - since I knew full well I wouldn't finish anything I started unless SOMETHING held me accountable.  
I also decided - upon becoming a blog-reading addict thanks to my sister - that it was important to show the world that anyone (ANYONE.  This means YOU) is/can be creative.  You don't have to be a professional.  You don't have to have the latest and greatest gadgets.  You don't have to be wonder woman.  So I vowed to share my triumphs and failures in crafting, sewing, cooking, photo-ing, and just basically life.  The humble beginnings of my blog are just that.  HUMBLE.  (Please don't go looking.  Just.  Don't.  Really.  It's ugly.)  I've been tempted to "update" the old blog here to make sure every single post looks internet worthy and "pin ready".  But I just can't do it.  Why?  Because every single post on this blog comprises a moment in my life I wanted to share for some reason or another.  Deleting it or changing it feels like rewriting history - and we all know that's impossible!  Besides, I think that however embarrassing some of those old posts are (mostly because of the reeeeeheeelly bad photos) it's fun to look back and see how far I've come.  Most of my projects then were failures, near failures, almost triumphs or a combination of all of the above.  Most of my projects now are almost triumphs, pretty nearly as close to a triumph as possible or triumphs - which is a testament to how working at something, practicing and honing your craft really does pay off.
If you want to know more about me, you can read the "mommy madness" posts in the categories over there, the "me, myself and i" page at the top, or by clicking my photo to read my google bio.

Phew.  Now that we have that covered.  Welcome to my little corner of the web (for any newbies).  I've been at this for... hm... well, holy buckets.  It'll be four years in February!  Anyway, in that time I've managed to eek out a generally manageable "schedule" (in the loosest sense of the word) for my blogging and in the past year or so I've also establish a workable blogging "philosophy".  That is basically this:  I'm a mom first.  I'm also a wife.  That means that the chauffeur, cook, baker, booboo kisser, photo-er, hugger goodbyer, welcome homer, snack maker, lunch packer, bedtime song singer, avid church goer, (not to mention church choir director and sunday school teacher) and of course portable baby breakfast, lunch and dinner provider that goes along with those roles obviously takes precedence in my life. Sewing, crafting, artsy photo-ing, blogging, thinking, showering and doing my hair all come next.  And while I'd love for this blog here to become something more than a hobby for me, at this point in my life it just isn't.  And that's ok.  We've all got busy lives.  Which is why I decided that you'd cut me some slack if I missed a day or two or 90 here and there.  (To be fair, that 90 day thing only happened ONCE and I was sooooo sick...  that's all the excusing I'm going to do.  I swear.)

With that said, here is the rundown on my fairly loose "schedule":
Sundays: *NEW* "This week on bugaboo blog..." - a preview of coming attractions hopefully with fun photos, some from instragram.  Do you follow bugabooblog on instagram?  You should!
this week on bugabooblog title button photo bf759471-0909-4463-aeda-18359cee29e5_zps2bd7a8e1.jpg

Mondays: Yummy Mondays - a continued tradition here at bugaboo blog.  You can get the lowdown here.  It's changed a little over time; to be honest, it should be called Yummy Tuesdays now since that's when the rents come to dinner, but as we know I hate change, so it's staying on Mondays.  When it first started, I tried three new recipes each week.  Now I post one new recipe a week because let's face it, I've become much more realistic in my goals, motivation and energy levels.  Could be the more children thing.  I also always provide a printable recipe card now, too.  You can see a whole lot of yummy and some not so yummy recipes by clicking the "cook" category over there in the sidebar.  Oh, yes.  That's the thing.  The recipes are not always awesome.  In my quest for total transparency on this here blog, I share my failed recipes too.  And my crazy mistakes. And there are some doozies.  Some really, really big doozies.
yummy monday easy title button photo f75c9cf6-64de-4000-b3b1-2096e2216187_zps564dbc81.jpg

yummy monday title button photo c41588db-8f15-4de5-90e0-d0ada37b9cd6_zpsf029cce8.jpg

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and sometimes on occasional Thursdays: Tutorials or just me showing off - well, there's really no explanation needed there.  These are the days I show you craft stuff, sewing stuff, or other projects - some with tutorials and some without.  I may miss days here and there.  Especially Thursdays because that is my one night off of Momdom.  SQUEAL!!  (shoutout to the mr.  Woot!)  
SOME Fridays: Tales from the Crib - Ok.  Here's the deal.  I like to write.  You've probably noticed that.  So I started this little ditty I called "Things My Two Year Old Taught Me" because at the time my oldest child was two and I found I was continually being astounded by his wisdom (no, that's not me being cheeky for once) and I wanted to document it.  You can read one of my favorites here.  And another one here.  He was pretty cute.  But he got older, as did my next child and so I changed the name to the more fitting "tales from the crib" to encompass all young'uns in these parts and the stuff I find noteworthy.  Not to mention the messes and chaos of life with kids.  Last year I was not so great at writing these.  (Though I do like this one) But i'd like to develop this idea more, so I'm going to try again!  This will not be a weekly thing.  Cause I just can't do that much learning.
tales from the crib title button photo 926b28a9-37d5-4db6-a4e4-881a6822af73_zps02ccd029.jpg

SOME Fridays: Other Write-y type posts -  When I feel like writing, but don't have much to say about the kiddos, sometimes I'll write advice columns like this one.  Or some kind of a rally cry like this.  And if you ever want to feel better about yourself, there's this.  Like I said, I like to write.
SOME Fridays: Round Ups - I know you know what that is.  So, on some of the days I don't do a write-y type post I'll throw up a round up of pertinent stuff - think nearest holiday-related crafty things.  I like doing round-ups.  Don't know why, but I do.  So there.
Saturdays: Give a girl a break - jeez.

I reserve the right to switch this schedule around just to confuse you.  Kidding.  Sometimes I'm just not that great at the schedule thing.

So that's the weekly dealio.  Then there are some "series" I'll be holding on to.  The following are ongoing "series" that will pop up here and there, usually on but not limited to Tuesdays-Thursdays:
Gifts Kids Can Make - Get the details about that here.  (And the recap here).
gifts kids can make title button photo 609ced11-6876-4692-a1a5-e445a9e0fe94_zps9d901afc.jpg

A Chemist in the Kitchen - HAHA!  Once again, only did ONE of these all year!  BUT I'm hanging onto it regardless!  Get the details here.  (our first one was this one, by the way.)
chemist in the kitchen title button photo eeaf4d3d-ba52-497a-ba72-be4378f4b6b4_zps3b4eaeba.jpg

Hmmm... Very Pinteresting - I try to do this monthly.  Basically I pick a pin from my boards and focus on that as inspiration for doing something that month, then report back about it the next month.  I did this for like TWO WHOLE MONTHS last year (even though I am constantly using my pinterest inspirations...).  We'll see how long I report back this year.  I usually do a pinteresting link party associated with this as well.  And feature links.
pinteresting title button photo e99b70aa-a693-4c9a-ac35-a8f5eb91e3c9_zps404ead0f.jpg

interesting party title button photo 12723e98-a168-43b6-9d5b-e7b7daf8a009_zps585bf650.jpg

There are several week-long series I've done almost every year that I'm going to bring back again.  And again.  And again - bwahahahaha!
Yarn it all!  Get the details on year 1 here.  See the yarn it all year 1 wrap up here.  Get the details on year 2 here.  And yarn it all year 2 wrap up here. (Missed it last year due to extended illness aka pregnancy.)  Expect to see it again this year.  It'll be epic.
Gift it.  Gift it Good.  Get the details here.  See the gift it year one wrap up here (350 gift ideas!) and the gift it year 2 wrap up here (310 gift ideas!).  (They're like the mother lode of round ups peeps.)  I always do it in August and I always need guest posters.  Interested?  Let me know!

I have a new header!  It needed an update after the new arrival a few months ago.  Be sure to come over and check it out.

Oh my golly.  This post is getting looooong.  I promise not all my posts are this wordy.  Don't run away screaming.  Don't be overwhelmed.  I'm really very nice once you get to know me.

So.  Lastly, a few things.  I picked up a gig or two!  Ok, no or.  There are two.  Definitely.  A while ago, I got this gig writing a book.  I loved it, it was awesome and holy man a lot of work.  But remember how I love writing?  (Wait, did I mention I love writing?)  SO!  This is exciting peeps. 
I am happy to announce that I'm writing for a new blog called Tipsaholic.  (It's a paid gig people, the real deal!) You probably know the lovely Cassity from Remodelaholic?  Well, this is basically a sister site to her blog.  There are a few contributors writing for her regularly and I'm one of the tipsters!  It's been pretty fun thus far.  It just recently launched, so go check it out.  And you can let Cassity know what you think too.  (Read her announcement here).
I am also super happy to announce that I'm a contributor for another blog now as well!  It's called Hi! It's Jilly.  Cute blog about mom stuff, multiples stuff (she's got triplets!!), diy stuff, crafty stuff, cooking stuff, life stuff.  I get to be the new photography contributor!  Now, I'm not an expert on the subject, but I am a quick study and I research my bum off when needed.  I promise I won't just be all "uh, here's some awesome photos.  Yeah."  I get to post about dslr photography, tricks, and photography type crafts!  I've got lots of ideas already.  So that's monthly, you'll have to check it out.

Oh.  Wait.  HERE'S lastly.

Lastly, I really do love to hear from you!  Questions?  Concerns?  Want to yell at me for how I misspelled stationery?  email me!  Comment!  I promise I email back!  
bugabooblog @ yahoo . com  (just take out all the spaces)

You can follow me on Facebook.  Or pinterest.  Or instagram.  Or bloglovin.  Or you can subscribe via email.  Or get my rss feed!  (whatever that is).

Thanks for making it to the end of this gargantuan post.  You rock.

Happy 2014!

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

I made it to the end! Phew! ;)

I love the pic of you and your hubby. So sweet! I'm excited to see your posts on Hi! It's Jilly, and on Tipsaholic! Woot!

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