Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A roaring good time. Part 2.

Welcome to part 2 of bug's monster party!  Which actually wasn't his most recent party, but was from a year ago... whoops.


As I related yesterday, I always procrastinate too much to do everything I'd like for the party, so the decorations were pretty simple.  

We used red and white striped table cloths all over, like the ones you see in the pictures below.

Other than that, the only real decoration was the front door:
I folded a green plastic tablecloth in half and cut it to the width of the door.  Then I cut strips in the folded side and taped it up on top for hair.
I colored the center of a white paper plate with a black circle for a pupil and taped it up.
I taped a long strip of red duct tape across the door, and stuck in a piece of normal 8.5x11 card stock in it, so it was sticking up out of the duct tape mouth like a tooth.
bug laughed and laughed when he saw it.

We played pin the eye on the monster, which I don't have any pictures of.  I printed out this monster, which I found on picmonkey:
I whited out the inside of his eye.  That way, there was a general area to get the eye into, but nothing SUPER specific so it wasn't TOO hard.
I glued it to poster board, taped it up on the closet door, gave every kid a big self-adhesive googly eye, blindfolded them, twirled them, and let them have at it.

For the big activity, we made:

Here's the craft station I set up:
Ahead of time, I cut:
Several strips of fake fur.  I had scraps in my stash and I just cut them long and thick enough to be a cuff bracelet.
Lots of shapes from red and white self-adhesive felt.  These were for eyeballs, teeth, mouths, noses, etc.
The craft station consisted of: 
a very low-temp, kid-friendly glue gun
glue sticks for said glue gun
self adhesive velcro squares in tan and white
little cups of the precut self adhesive felt pieces
self-adhesive jewels
goggly eyes in an array of sizes (some with lashes!)
fake fur strips

The kids lined up and went by the craft station to pick the main pieces they wanted.  Then they sat at the dining table to put their bracelets together.  I had adults helping cut the fur strips to the right size, glue things on if needed, put the velcro where it needed to be, etc.  The adhesive pieces were really a good idea because otherwise kids would have been impatiently waiting for adults and hot glue guns.
I think they were a hit, because several kids made more than one.

The bracelets were part of the favors, but here're the rest:

For the play dough favors, I simply hot glued on googly eyes, drew the mouths and x's with a black sharpie, and used white address stickers which I cut out for the teeth.  Super simple and cute.

bug was excited to help me stick these self-adhesive googly eyes all over the suckers.  He'd been begging for these colorful suckers from Walmart for forever, so I gave in for the party.  He picked out each flavor with a cousin or friend in mind.

For the sucker stand, I just turned a shoe box upside down, wrapped the top and edges with tissue paper like I would a present, stabbed some holes in the top with a knife, and plopped them in.  Then I put the whole thing in a low basket.  Ta da!

And that was pretty much the whole party.  It wasn't a huge deal, but it was right after Christmas, so let's face it.  This kid gets the shaft.

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