Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nope. Not dead.

Wow.  I totally left you hanging there, didn't I?  Uh... sorry about that.  I bet you thought I was gone for good, didn't you?  Bwah-ha-ha-ha!  Oh, I'm not THAT easy to get rid of!
As we all know, life happens and while I do have a number of excuses as to my absence of about a week with no warning, and while in large part it can be attributed to this:
(darn series... second time through and I still couldn't put them down...), and this:

(Um, is it blasphemous to admit that I never really got into this sitcom until, well, now?  mr and I have committed to watching the entire thing - every episode of every season - in chronological order.  It's a standing date now.),

it's mostly due to a bit of "battling personal demons" per se.  This hasn't ever been a place where I've babbled on and on about my personal issues and problems, (though I do babble on and on about other things...) and I won't start now, just know that I've had a difficult few weeks that have left me feeling (stated mildly) uninspired.  Couple that with late night Halloween costume making because I left it till the last minute, of course, and you've got yourself one blogger who was considering canceling the whole show (who's also currently prone to run-on sentences). No, no, don't worry.  I've gotten over it, for the most part.  (The canceling the show thing, not the run-on sentence thing.)

I will finish with the Pumpkinspiration Posts - at least two more - this week, but for now I thought I'd leave you with a sneak peek of a few things I worked on and have yet to show you... including our Halloween costumes.  Because it's never too early to start brainstorming.  I mean, you've only got, what?, 363 days until the next one.  YOU probably plan ahead... I put the pro in procrastination.  Ha ha!  I just thought of that!  Not to pat myself on the back, but that's kind of funny!  (or has that joke been done already?)

Anyway, here's what's coming up:

Well, that and more!

Oh, and a baaaaad shot of our costumes... more later...

Oh, and because I love you, and because you're still here even though you probably thought I died, and because there must be MORE procrastinators out there, here's a little something for you (just right click to download):

(And how was that for a run-on sentence?)

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Christina said...

Oh i am in LOVE with the hunger games!!!!!! Cant wait for the movies!!!!

Also...how have you not watched the office until now?!?!? Crazy! Cant wait ti hear what you think about it :)

Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm stealing that - if I can remember it when I wake up tomorrow. "I put the PRO in procrastinate." Yep, I like the sound of that.

kellystar said...

that darn life does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the costumes. My kids will love these when I show them because we are big Mario Kart fans here. Sorry to hear you were losing your crafty mojo. And I thought I put the pro in procrastination....love the sign...hanging on my blog now too

kellystar said...

forgot to say that I read the Hunger GAmes this summer and loved them. I had to ration my reading while on my vacation so I could still have some to finish on the airplane ride home. Also, our new standing date is "Mad Men". Just started last week watching them on Netflix. Enjoy The Office, I'm not a regular viewer but always laugh when I watch them.

Jill said...

OMG! I just started reading the Hunger Games for the first time right now!! SO GOOD!!!

Bree said...

Love your costumes!

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