Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trying to finish before I fall asle.....

I've got great news.  mr's home!  One day early, and it couldn't be a moment too soon.  We're all very much exhausted at our house - and though I did work a bit of the way through my to do list (thanks for my mom's help) I have so much farther to go it's daunting.  I do hope to have a few tutorials up for you this week, but I believe as for tonight: I'm going to bed as soon as this posts.  And it's only 7:45.  I can't remember the last time I felt this level of exhaustion... 

but enough about me, how about some pictures?  Here're my hunt results this week:

My Passion
Only someone with a passion for creating would be found out in this weather at noon, with three kids in tow, at a craft store.
The Sound of Music
I saved this one til the last minute, and then had a hard time coming up with something... but these little birdies outside our house wake me up bright and early every morning with their music.
Inner Beauty
Same tulip, different weeks.  I love the potential in the first shot... the is so much inner beauty in Spring.
With my grass captured this way, I can totally picture fairies running all over yard as if it were a "glade."
I do believe this little guy looks rather sharp in his fireman getup.  Fireman boots, fireman coat... and red "fire truck" tricycle.  Sharp, indeed!

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Ashley Sisk said...

So many great shots - love the first two shots and also the last three - oh wait...that's all of them. Love it!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Awesome shots, really like inner beauty.

Anonymous said...

I love your inner beauty shot! And that "passion" shot really does capture what you're willing to go through for what you love. :)

Kimberley said...

Great shots this week! I loved them all, hard to pick a favorite, though the last one is just precious!


A'n'G Johnson said...

love the idea of fairies running through your lawn

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