Sunday, May 22, 2011

ATW Linky #11 - I'll Take a Crack at It.

Welcome to "A Thousand Words" - A Snapshot Linky Party!  Get all the details RIGHT HERE!

Last week, our title was "Where There's a Will, There's a Way."  I wasn't aware, but I guess I picked a toughy... but it's good to be challenged, right?  So, here are the links:

by Amie
This crazy lady made over 50 bracelets for Craft Hope to send to Russian orphans!  Over 50!  What an inspiration.

by Emily
She has a new addition to her family... a strong willed, super cute pup!

Loved your photos, guys!  I know you both have buttons, so I don't need to post the featured button this time ;)

Our title for this week is "I'll Take a Crack at It."

How can you interpret this?  Is there something new you want to take on?  Something you've been meaning to try out?  Maybe you've got an affinity for things that crack - baseball bats, or gum perhaps?  Can you find an interesting crack in the sidewalk???  Come one, folks, it can be anything!  Let's get creative!

Here's my shot:
Not only did I take a crack at a self portrait, which I do NOT like doing... I also took a crack at some texturizing, post process.  I do rather like this photo - it's taken at a park from my childhood and I'm leaning on my absolute favorite playground toy.  I need some pointers on how to be a good model.  Please.  Anyone?  Thanks.

Now it's your turn!  
1. Link as many photos as you like - you can put them in one post and link once or put them all in separate posts and link them all.  It's up to you.
2. You are strongly encouraged to use the title as a prompt for snapshots this week.  However, if you can't, you can't.  Linking up archived photos will NOT be frowned upon.
3. You don't need to follow me, but you do need to display the "a thousand words" button proudly.  You can find it on the left sidebar. 
4. Visit loads of people and comment.
5. By linking up you're giving me permission to include your linked photo in any features I do in the future.   I will never link to your other photos, just the one you put in the linky.
6. This is a week long party, it runs from Sunday to Sunday.
7. Be sure to come back next week!

Next week's title: "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder."
What do you find beautiful?  Do you see common things in uncommon ways?  Have you ever captured someone else enraptured with something beautiful - whether you think it is or not?  Can you turn something ugly into something beautiful?  Lots of ways to look at this one!  

Check back to link your versions, see my version and view the features from this week's linky.

If you have ideas for future titles, please leave a comment or shoot me an email.  Thanks!

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!


Emily said...

Love how that pic turned out. I'm not a huge fan of self portraits or do I even like to be in pictures. Yours turned out great though!

Jill said...

Just wanted to say Great Selfie!! i know how hard it is to take pictures of yourself and then feel good enough about them to put them on your blog!

Emily said...

Hey I had an idea for the linky party how about
Good Things Come in Small packages
my mom use to say this to my sis because she was shorter then all of us.

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