Thursday, May 5, 2011

Say "no" to boredom!

Raise your hand if you're excited about the arrival of Summer.  (Just so you know, I've got TWO hands in the air...)  It seems silly in my neck of the woods to be dreaming of Summertime, since Spring hasn't even arrived yet (well, it did for one day, then it went away again...), but I know it's just around the corner.  Pretty soon I'll blink my eyes and we'll all be enjoying the warmth, the much needed vitamin D, playing outside, the beach or the pool, SUMMER VACATION!

Wait.  Summer vacation?  Summer vacation!  THE KIDS!  What will we do with the kids all day everyday for nearly three months???

Are you asking yourself this question?  You are in luck!  I wanted to tell you all about the Summer Soiree that Aimee from Homespun Threads is hosting all this month.  

As Aimee explains, she knows what it's like to worry about entertaining kids all day throughout the summer.  It seems that all too often, you hear that dreaded phrase, "Mom, I'm bored!"  
So Aimee set out to wrangle up her favorite bloggers of all types who were willing to inspire the blogging world with great ideas for Summer fun!  

All through the month of May, there will be a post a day dedicated to new ideas and projects for you to share with your kids in the summertime.  Don't miss out on these great ideas!

Heads up, I just may be sharing something, too.

So don't fret.  Beat the doldrums and wrestle summer boredom into submission!  Turn your kids from this:

to this!

Check it out!

PS - I love stockxchng.

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!

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Emily said...

OH I so need to keep track of that my childrens favorite words are I'm bored! Ugh so hate that phrase!

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