Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom's Day Photos

I'll admit, today wasn't the awesomest Mom's Day... probably something to do with mr being gone.  He left yesterday.  For two weeks.  Or so.  Getting a much needed mommy break wasn't really an option, you see.  Ah, well.  I spent time with family per usual and we had a warm Spring cookout.  It almost made up for it.  No wait.  The cordless drill from my parents kids made up for it.  No wait, having no children with me during church today for the first time in over 18 months made up for it.  Yea!  mini's old enough for nursery!  I suppose I got a break after all!

Enough chat.  I thought this was about Mom's Day Photos.  Actually, that's a typo.  It should say Mom's Day AND photos.  Because not one of these was taken today.  Oh well.  Here's my hunt results:

Hey, wait.  This WAS taken today.  Ok, so ONE was taken today.  A Mother's Day sunset.
Do mushrooms "sprout"?  Or do they just "grow"?  I don't know the technical term, but I really wanted to use this picture somewhere... 
Isn't it Ironic?
Looks like Spring, doesn't it?  Sunny, green, yummy homemade popsicles... isn't it ironic that it was NOT warm out?  I needed some pictures for a project and we had to cut it short - we were cold.
Cloud watching... lazy spring pastime.  Sun through the clouds... look!  A whale... a heart... 

Smells Like Spring
Tree lined street in UT.  It DID smell like spring.  I was taking a step away from my usual high contrast exposure.  Can you tell where the cars were that I had to "erase"?  I used the clone tool in picnik.  LOVE that tool.

I managed to finish the "Let's Go Exploring with a Camera" prompt this week, too.  You can check this out over at The Kateye View.  

This week, we worked on visual contrast - which is usually done with high contrast lighting.  There are tons of other types of visual contrast, however, which I never considered.  So, here are some of the contrast shots I came up with:

Perhaps not the clearest interpretation, but if you look in the background you can see the chain link fence behind all the foliage.
Also Large versus Small?
Also, Smooth/Rough or Vegetable/Mineral.

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Cedar said...

Wonderful shots! I particularly love your last two contrast shots!

Kat Sloma said...

Ah, vegetable/mineral! You came up with a new one! There are so many contrasts when you start looking, nicely done. Thanks so much for participating in Exploring with a Camera!

Catherine said...

Loved your photos! I love looking at clouds and seeing shapes too, I've been snapping some recently to hopefully put together into a blog post.

fiddlehead said...

What amazing shots these all are!

Ashley Sisk said...

So I'm loving that visual contrast shots - great work already! And smells like spring - what a nice walk way. Beautiful SOOC. I hope you get some much needed mom time soon.

Delia said...

Cool cloud pictures! Those were my favorite. :)

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