Sunday, May 29, 2011

I don't want to grow up.

I will begin with the apologies.  First off, sorry my snapshot linky is late.  My bad.  But not REALLY my fault, because mr surprised me with a fun date to make up for missing our anniversary.  Which leads me to my second apology: sorry to my two super awesome friends, El and Jaime.  If I had known I was going to be in town, I would have at least called you.  But it was a surprise, you hear me?  A surprise!  And we were literally only there long enough to see the show and leave...

Oh, you want to know what that's all about, huh?  If you've been reading for a while, you know that mr was in Argentina during our 5 year anniversary, and was gone for a grand total of "I have no idea how long it's been because these kids have driven me well past insanity and back and will he PLEASE come home already?" days.  Not to whine again, but it was hard.  So on Saturday, mr took me to see Peter Pan in Chicago!  And let me tell you, it was seriously one of the most amazing things I've EVER seen.  Think Peter Pan's just for kids?  You're wrong.  This particular version was produced by a touring company from London called 360 degrees.  They perform in a temporary "tent" - the coolest tent I've ever seen - and the production included all  kinds of different art forms - dance, aerial dance, music, singing, fight choreography, acting (of course) and 3-D projections.  

The upper walls, or dome area, of the tent became a huge projection screen - which made the entire play a combination of IMAX movie and live theatre.  To say it was magical would be an understatement.  This is all aside from the fact that Peter Pan holds a special place in my heart - being a longtime childhood favorite AND one of the first leading roles I played in high school.  Well, that was a long explanation - but simply because of the amazing-ness of the date, and the thoughtfulness of the hubby, and the much needed break from children, I knew you would be understanding about my late snapshot linky.

Before I get to that post, though, I wanted to share my scavenger hunt photos!

Classic Still Life
Nothing stiller than this cat napping.  Trust me.  
Self Portrait
Relaxing in the Spring grass.
On the Floor
mr napping on the floor while mini tries out his flip flops.
The 'L' Tracks in Chicago.
Nothing better than a fresh, sunny Spring afternoon, and lots of fresh sprinkler water!

I also wanted to share my photo for KatEye View's Exploring with a Camera prompt, which is "Form." 

I had a super hard time with this.  I still am not convinced this is a stellar depiction of form, but it's the one I'm going with.

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