takin' a craft at it.

When I was younger, my mom and sister often tried to pull me into their crafts.  They were always doing something fun... making Christmas ornaments, beading one of a kind bracelets, sculpting little figures out of salt dough, putting together decorations and wreathes.  I tried to join them, I really did.  I would place a bead on that little wire and think to myself how much more fun I could be having climbing a tree or racing bikes with the neighbor boy.
So I'd leave my half finished (or rather 1/8 finished) project to be revived by the more adept women of the family and run outside to start clubs under the porch, rescue dead birds, play baseball, scrape up my knees and just generally roll around in the dirt.
A lot of time has passed since those "good old days" and although I never pass up the opportunity to climb a tree, I'm not much for rolling in the dirt anymore (and I really don't think I could hit a baseball to save my life now).  Those crafty things have started to look more and more appealing.  Though I'm still learning and honing my skills, I'm taking a crack at this craft thing now.  Or rather, a "craft" at it.  And here's where you'll find my favorites.

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