I’ve always loved snapping pictures, even way back in elementary school when all I was allowed to use was a disposable camera.  When I got my first camera, it was my mom’s old one and it was a 110.  Yes, I am serious.  (I’m really not THAT old, I swear) I took a (somewhat pathetic) photography class in high school and bought my first decent camera when mr and I got engaged.  Fast forward to now, and I’ve found my love for photography rekindled.  I do NOT consider myself a photographer, but one of the awesome things about the internet is being able to pursue hobbies and interests with little to no formal training, and that’s what I’m doing.  Each week I do one post in which I link to several photo challenges found on various blogs.  You will find them here listed by date and general theme.

7.13.2010 - "Little Toes Splashing"

7.25.2010 - "Summer Olympic Hopefuls"

7.30.2010 - "Nuances of Car Play"

8.2.2010 - "My First Hunt"

8.8.2010 - My first "motion blur"
           Other zoo related photos
           "Delilah Drives"

8.16.2010 - the hardest one yet
            lots of bug and mini
            "A Walk in the Park"

8.23.2010 - a lot of mr
            me in an eye
            lake michigan

8.29.2010 - figured out the macro
            "First Timers"
            Perspective "Homework"

9.1.2010 - August 2010 Photo Scavenger Hunt        

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