Monday, August 16, 2010

I just can't stop.

Well, here's another Scavenger Hunt Sunday (with Ramblings and Photos)!  I admit, I'm totally addicted.  I thought this week's were harder than last, I just had a heck of a time coming up with original ideas.  


MY kids??  In a "mood"??  Never!

Something Masculine

Definitely had a hard time thinking about masculine.  All I could picture was cars - my husband, brother in law, other brother in law, dad and bug are all completely OBSESSED with cars.  But I just didn't feel it.  So I went with the shaving shot - since what's more masculine than gettin out the ole razor for a shave?  Probably lots of things... but that's what I came up with.  In editing, I tried to make it kind of gritty and a little bit harsh because I think that really goes with the "masculine" idea.

Something Feminine

Mother's Day pearls from the hubby - in editing I tried to make this shot as soft and romantic as possible, because that just exudes femininity to me. (it is ridiculously hard to do a self portrait without a timer OR tripod.  Just sayin'.)

First or Last Initial

Lazy Sunday tickle-fest... hey, wait, that's a "k"!  I still need that shot!


There's a college campus in town with awesome OLD architecture and I had every intention of going there for some great pics, but just couldn't squeeze it into this weekend.  I might still go over and try it out, but for today, this picture of the "engineers" playing blocks will have to do.  bug told mr he wanted to make a building.  I thought it was fitting.

Come play along!

And, over on Trendy Treehouse, the theme this week is "favorite things":

THIS is my most favorite thing EVER.  My family.  A few more of my favorite things, as depicted by this photo, are:

  1. what a good daddy mr is
  2. yellow
  3. sunshine
  4. trees
  5. warm summer days at the park
  6. mr's arms.  Is that weird?  I love them.  I mean, look at that arm.  Sigh.
  7. picnics
  8. walking 
  9. bug's excitement with every new experience
  10. mini's smiles (little and big)



Tripps said...

love the mood shot. kids are so good at expressing themselves! lol. and that K made me giggle. too cute.

Joanna said...

Great interpretations on ALL of your shots...I especially like your mood shot & I'm in love with your "feminie" shot, very lovely :)

Nat said...

I love the initial creative. Great interpretations for all.

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

HA HA HA! I'm DYING at your mood shot! Seems familiar - LOL! :-) Your initial shot is so clever too! My first name begins with why didn't I think of something so cool? Great job! Love them all. ;-)

Unknown said...

I love the architecture shot! Too cute! I'm all too familiar with the mood shot. Hilarious, but true.

Natalie said...

Awesome ideas! The initial shot has gotta be my fav! Both your kids are darling and I love the older little boy's curly blonde locks!! You have a creative mind!

Alita said...

Lovely shots! Great minds think alike, too. I almost posted the pearl self portrait that I did of myself, but I hate my zillion moles. lol! I shot flowers, lace, and jewelry instead (in my pearls)

Ashley Sisk said...

These shots are great - I love the mood and something masculine shots. I didn't realize the trendy treehouse theme was favorite things. Hmmm.

Amy said...

I love pics of daddies with their little ones. Very cute!

Liz said...

Love these shots!! The mood is soooo full of emotion - I LOVE it!!! I am thinking about trying one of these scavenger hunts :)

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