Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm it!

Historically, I’ve refrained from super personal information on my blog.  Sure, I let you see snippets of my life when I conduct wild goose chases to find lamb, or show you all what a typical Monday is really like.  I bare bits and pieces of my soul during my posts about things my two year old taught me - and boy, has he taught me a lot.  But I’ve been resistant to talking to you as if I’m talking to YOU.  I started out writing like I was taught to write as an English minor.  What I forgot was one of the first rules of writing - which is to consider your audience.  Sure, I try to maintain a conversational tone - because I find it more fun to write like I talk - but I’ve never addressed you as individual people reading my individual blog from your individual computers.  Not that you need to know EVERYTHING about me, (like the fact that my oldest, long-standing nickname is Bean - thanks, mom) (or that I can turn my feet completely upside down due to what the doctor described to the 8-yr-old version of me as “hypermobile ankles”) (or that I can never sneeze just once - seriously, I’m incapable) and I don’t feel it’s necessary to inundate you with useless factoids in every little post... but I wonder if I wouldn’t get more out of this blogging gig if I did consider all of you who read my blog (and can I say, I’m honored you’re reading my blog?) VF’s.  (You know, Virtual Friends) (Get it?  Instead of BF’s?) (Too lame?  Oh well.)
All of this is just a lengthy lead-in to the fact that I’ve been tagged in the blogger version of tag by Mandy at Mandy’s Yellow Corner (which is super cute, so go there.)  I’ve got to answer her questions for me and THEN I get to tag 8 more bloggers with my own questions.  Coming up with fun questions will be the hard part.

1.  Your house is burning down and you and your family are all safe. You can only grab one thing. What do you take?  whew.  tough call.  I’m thinking the scrapbooks.  Most else is replaceable with insurance as are the only two things of real monetary value in this house - the computer and my camera.  So, yeah.  The scrapbooks.  Don’t say I have to choose one, because they are all on the same shelf, so why can’t I grab them all?  Huh?

2.  What's your favorite color, and why?  YELLOW.  No question.  It is the happiest color in the rainbow.  It is cheery and bright and it reminds me of summer.
3.  What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?  I’m very unadventurous when it comes to food.  I hate weird textures.  So, the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten is calamari.  Oh, wait.  If you aren’t from around here, you probably think it’s weirder that I ate a deep fried twinkie.  Yep.  And it was GO-OD.
4.  Is your hair its natural color right now?  Yes, unfortunately.  I used to be all fun and funky with my hair.  Now I’m just blah.  I am totally saving up for my first ever professional dye/highlight job ever.
5.  Are you most comfortable in a dress and heels, or jeans and flip flops?  Hm.  Physically I’m more comfortable in jeans and flip flops, but I really do love to dress up.
6.  Where would I find you at 10:00 AM on Saturday?  In bed.  No, not really, I’ve got two kids!  That’s just where I wish you would find me.  Wherever I am though, I’m probably still in my pajamas.
7.  What station is your car radio usually set to?  I don’t listen to the car radio, I listen to CD’s.  Mostly because I can’t stand it when stations play the same three popular songs OVER AND OVER - I stopped listening to the radio three summers ago when I had to hear “Big Girls Don’t Cry” about 5 times in one hour.  Also, bug is very attached to weezer, coldplay, postal service and they might be giants, so he prefers my CD’s too.
8.  After an hour at the pool are you tanned, burned, or the same as before?  Generally the same as before, but I would be burned without slathering thick, disgusting layers of sunblock on.
OK, peeps (I keep trying, but I really can’t pull it off...) - here’s some questions for the next tagees:

  1. Who’s your favorite musician/band?
  2. What was your worst job EVER?
  3. If you could pick a fancy stage name what would it be and why?
  4. Are you a night owl or a(n annoying) morning person?
  5. Finish this sentence: home is.....
  6. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?  When was the last time and what set it off?
  7. What is your super power of choice?
  8. Have you ever known someone so well you could finish their sentences?  Who?

    And I’m going to tag some awesome blogs you should go visit.  Seriously.  Go.  

    Jackie from House of Sarager
    Helena from Life in the Pitts
    Liz from Tickled Pink
    (Hey.  What are you still doing here?  Go.) 

    It's good timing for a post like this anyway, what with

    New Friend Fridays

    going on and all.  Welcome!


    Mandy England said...

    Love the questions! Super fun :] And can I ask where "bean" came from? Hehe, I have to share my 8 second thought process when I read that: "Bean?. . . Bean. . . string bean. . . Mr. Tanner . . Kimmy. . . Kimberly - AH! I get it." But I'm sure I'm wrong, lol :] [I do hope you used to watch Full House, or NONE of that made any sense!]

    BJ_Mama said...

    Thanks for the Tag "New friend"! I already posted my answers and questions! How fun! I would TOTALLY grab my scrapbooks too! HAHAHA!

    Ashley Sisk said...

    Aww rats, my turn eh? Okay...I'll take your challenge and post myself. I'm just kidding, thanks for tagging me. :) Have a great weekend.

    thepunkrockmom said...

    It seems that your bug and I have the same musical tastes! Which spells out genius in my mind :)

    Happy Friday Follow! (from The Girl Creative :)) I'm your newest hanger on :)


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