Saturday, August 21, 2010

props to my sis

Well, aside from the fact that she's my big sis, my mentor, my best friend and you know, I love her and all... she's just a pretty cool person, too.  So go check her out!  (we finally got her blog up and running and now you and I can watch for all her craftiness, photographiness, artsiness and um, other -ness's).

Doodle Daisy

She's taken some of my very favorite family photos:

 Here's why you should go there.

  1. She's an art teacher and you should see her stuff.  This isn't lip service.  Or even "I'm biased" service.  She's just good.
  2. Her photos are my inspiration.
  3. She's got some really good crafty ideas!
  4. You won't be disappointed.
Here's why you shouldn't go there.
  1. You might like her place better than mine and then I would be jealous.
  2. Hm.  Nope, that's it.  But that's kind of insecure and shallow of me, so forget I said anything.
ok.  Check her out.  
with my brother, too

at my wedding
being weird and crazy at 6 flags because we're like that
bustin' a move - cuz we're like that too

quintessential Lise.  Perfect.

Really.  Go.

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