Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the end.

I know.  About time right?  If you had seen that yellow and white knit fabric one more time, you would have screamed, right?  Well, have no fear, it’s over!  
Just in case anyone missed the intro to my first ever “mini-series,” you can read all about it here.  And just in case anyone missed any of the ten projects, you can find them by following the links provided below.  Hope you had as much fun as I did with one little thrifted shirt!
Actually, while we’re on the topic of having fun, I just want to mention that I had so much fun with this mini-series that I’ve decided to continue the mini-series theme.  No, not CONSTANTLY, but every now and then.  I’m hoping to bring you lots of fun and creative ideas in mini-series form, like “Yarn it all: 10 things to do with Yarn” and “Hairy Situations: 101 different hair accessories and how to make them!” - and my personal favorite, “How to gain 25 pounds in three weeks - Desserts you’ll love to hate.”  OK, I’m just kidding about all of those, but now that I’ve actually written that, I think I may have to do them.  Anyway, I’ll be posting regular projects for the time being and start another mini-series soon.  Hope you’re excited!

PS.  Any ideas for what I can do with this?  It's all that's left...

1 comment:

Lise said...

So, so funny...the other mini series titles...I actually can't wait for them. (Especially "Yarn it all..."

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