it's sew-sew.

I love looking at sewing blogs.  I adore craft blogs.  I am so inspired to create when I look at them.  They make my fingers itch to pick up needle, thread a hot glue gun and even a ruffle or two.  
My creations are always better dreamed about than executed, but boy do I have fun trying!  Within these pages you'll find my attempts at sewing and craftiness... punctuated in many places with my ridiculous mistakes (considering I am a novice, and impatient with learning new skills to boot!)  Everything here borders on mediocrity - it's pretty  much all so-so (or sew-sew if you will...), but I will include, where applicable, my inspirations from other sources and any tips and tutorials I've found remotely helpful.

1.  Ruffle-Bottomed Pillowcase Top
2.  Sockings (aka leggings made out of socks)
3.  Leggings (aka leggings out of an old t-shirt)
4.  "The Penguin" (Batman themed costume)
5.  Robin (Batman themed costume)
6.  Strips and Scraps T-Shirt Vest
7.  Two-Tiered Circle Skirt

1.  Scrappy Cocktail Ring
2.  Bohemian Puff Flower Clip
3.  Pretty Petal Flower Clip
4.  Handwarmer Hat (aka upcycled sweater hat)
5.  The Svelte Belt

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