Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A GIRL-I-FIED blast from the past.

Remember this post about my Sloppy Joe Shoes?

No?  Well, it was a long time ago.  I understand if you don't.  In any case, I made these adorable graffiti-ish shoes for bug a little over a year ago.  At the store a few months ago, I found black shoes in mini's size, and decided it was time for a little revamp of the original creation.  I bring you:

Let's girly it up a bit, shall we?

You'll need black shoes.
white fabric paint
mod podge
white glitter
a paint brush/water
napkin/rag/what have you - only if you're messy like me
a pattern template/guide

Basically, find a pattern you like.  I went with zebra - because it's diva-licious and I thought it would work well with the black.  Just go ahead and print your pattern out (hopefully you won't run out of ink like I did...)

You are NOT making a stencil or vinyl or iron on transfer or anything as fancy as that.  You are JUST using this printed out pattern as a guide for free-handing your painting. Like so:

What's that?  You say you don't paint?  You CAN'T paint?  Well, the beauty of these shoes is that they aren't supposed to be perfect.  As described in the original Sloppy Joe Shoes post, nonperfection is what we are aiming for here.  Which makes it a perfect project for ME.

Here is one of my shoes after only one coat of white paint.  Not impressive, right?

This is two coats (on the right) compared to one coat (on the left).  Big difference.  If I did this again, I would do THREE coats, then on the FOURTH coat add the glitter.  But I stopped at two.

And this is what the back of the shoes looked like.  I did all around the back, but left that tab thing plain black.  I also left the tongue plain black.  I originally planned on leaving the velcro pieces plain as well, but I didn't think it looked right.  I was careful not to get any paint on the toes.  I've got plans for those...

Now, once you have two nice coats of paint that are pretty opaque, shake on a bunch of glitter.  Then tap the shoe off...

And it's all glittery!

I did my shoes in sections so as not to over-glitterfy my kitchen.  First the front of one side, then the back, then the other side, front and back... you get it.

Once you've glittered the paint, mod podge the toe of the shoe.

douse it with glitter,

Annnnddd... tap, tap, tap.

Here they are in all their glittery glory.  Make sure to wipe off any excess mod podge and glitter on the soles.

Stuff paper in the shoes.  Give them a nice dose of clear spray paint or some kind of trusted sealer.  Then you won't lose glitter all over the place whenever your little diva runs around.

Let them dry, and you are DONE!

 The girlified sloppy joe shoe.  Perfect for playing and sliding,

Or just chilling and relaxing.

Easy and cute!

PS.  This project is so old, the weather has reverted back to its pictured state.  You wouldn't even be able to tell this was last spring and not right now this fall, except for the fact that mini looks... well, even more MINI.

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Two Shades of Pink said...

These are super cute! Loving the glitter! And how bout how I never read your title as girl-i-fied? I saw girl fried or you mispelled girlfriend. Totally cracked me up.

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