Friday, October 7, 2011

So easy it's ridiculous that I'm showing you this.

But I do that all the time, don't I?  Just click "easy shmeezy" in the categories over there... 
(side note: does everyone else in the world say "easy peasy"?  Cause I got "easy shmeezy" from my mom and didn't even realize "easy peasy" was a thing until I started blogging.  Is that weird?)

Sometimes it's good to have some easy projects in our arsenal, right?  Especially when it comes to gifts.  Have a friend who needs some cheering up?  Make her something!  But if you get too involved, she'll already be happy again by the time you're finished and then what good is that??

Here's an idea:

I love mason jars.  You can see just how much here.

What better way to pretty up a little pick me up than with mason jars?  And what better pick me up than oreos and milk?
(another side note: I will forever associate oreos and milk with pick me ups.  Probably not a great thing, but true.  This is probably because when I was younger and living at home, every time I'd go through a break up I'd cry to my mom and my dad would feel helpless.  Then he'd run out to the store and come back with oreos.  Sometimes, when I was feeling particularly down I could just say, "I could really use some oreos..." and I do recall more than one occasion when he ran out at 10:00 pm or later.  This is just one thing that makes me smile when I think about my dad.  What a good guy.)

To be honest, had I had the time I would have made homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Warm and gooey and sure to make you smile... but I didn't and something is better than nothing, right?

So, next time you need to cheer someone up, just fill one mason jar with milk, one with cookies, and cut out two squares of cheery fabric.  Lay the fabric over the inner part of the lid and screw the top on over the fabric.  Then tie some matching ribbon around the lid.  Make a homemade tag and tie it on the ribbon of the cookie jar, then tie a straw to the ribbon of the milk jar.  On my tag, I wanted to make sure my friends' kids didn't eat it before she could get to it, so I left them a little message ;)  But you could put a little happiness quote or something... Like one of these:

Or, you know, you could just go on pinterest.  

Drop it off and give her a hug.  Done.

Want some more cute, cute "cheer up" ideas??  Here you go:

pie in a jar - tidymom (with hearts!  come on...)

See?  Homemade cookies!  That thing by the milk?  It's a straw that turns your milk CHOCOLATE when you DRINK IT!  You can find out where to get it at Jack O' Lyn Murphy.

Or how about a handmade bouquet that won't wilt and die after two days??  Find it on Princess Lasertron.

And finally: Picnic Pick Me Up - from Rowdy Strowdy, as seen right here!

Now go find some sad friends and make them happy!

*Be sure to check just below for all the fun parties I link to!

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Michelle L. said...

If someone gave me your milk & cookies gift, I'd be so excited! (I don't think I have actually had milk & cookies since childhood.)

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