Sunday, January 2, 2011

Finally - a moment to BREATHE.

Whew!  THAT was a cah-razy two weeks.  I’m pretty sure I’ve got a brief respite now, AND I’ve officially resolved not to burn myself out completely next Christmas season (I swear.) (Really.)  (No, I mean it.).   ALSO, it's worth mentioning that the black plague has hit our house - we're at three down, one to go and it's mr.  It's been an uncomfortable, messy, gross week.  

So... I’m looking forward to the coming months!
And, to your unfortunate boredom(?)  No, no, I mean, extreme pleasure, I am jumpin’ on the top ten bandwagon.  So here are your favorites (yes yours!) based on, you know, page views and stuff.  In countdown fashion.

And some other really good stuff.

With the podge.  Seriously.

Just yarn.  

Another wreath.

Two in one, baby.

And yes, that is the technical term.  Okay, okay, I guess it’s another wreath.  A Farewell to Summer Wreath.  I'm detecting a pattern.

And number one?  
I think the fancy pants damask pumpkins were the favorite favorite.

Good ones, guys.
But I have to say, you missed some awesome tutorials in that top ten, folks.  Really.  I’ve pulled together my own countdown for you.  You can thank me later.
But especially on Halloween.

I finished TWO of ten things.  Can you guess which two?

Fortunately, I can now tell you how to avoid it.  And how to clean your car afterward.

Or "how to understand your toddler better."

And MY Number One?
Or, more precisely, “How to Have a Really Nightmarish Honeymoon in Mexico” - so do the exact opposite of everything we did.

So, you’ve got a lot of options on reading material, here, people!  

Seriously, thanks for reading this past year and helping me keep my sanity.
Here’s to another crazy, fun, horrendous and wonderful, full of life, new year!

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Unknown said...

Wow you did alot in 2010 Kimberly! It's impressive to see SOME of it together in one post. You're the wreath queen, obviously. And I may have to go back and check out that Mexican Honeymoon post very soon as the husband and I have talked about doing some kind of trip this year. Well you have a great New Year with hopefully very little horrendous and alot of wonderful! xx M

Jill said...

Love love love all the wreaths!! :) My favorite one would have to be the yellow wreath thingy. I also vividly remember your sharpie marker incident! Maybe not at the time, but it's kinda funny now! Have a great 2011!

Unknown said...

Where oh where is your email :) I want to ask you about 5 on Friday!

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