Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some last minute entries. And such.

Perhaps one of these days I will plan ahead a bit more.  Or perhaps that would just throw everyone off...  In any case, some of these are from this week, and some are from tonight.  Here they are; my Sunday Scavenger Hunt shots.

I used to scrapbook a LOT.  This is the book mr and I did when we were dating, then our wedding scrapbook, then bug's scrapbook.  I guess maybe I should make mini a scrapbook, you know, since she's a year old now.

If you live here, you were watching this tonight.  Even if you're a Utah boy.

I bought this toy house at a garage sale last summer.  The three's like to climb on top of it, so I thought about getting rid of it, but then mr and I spotted mini doing this.  She adores it.


what's cuter than one bug?  Two bugs!

Unfortunately, this keeps loading all pixelated... I have actually been sewing this week.  I may have something to show you.

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Ashley Sisk said...

Loving the reflection shot - so sweet!

Unknown said...

Have I already asked if you want to participate in our photo challenge blog?

Unknown said...

so I've read back this far b/c I love your blog! you have great stories and amazing crafts! I found you through mandipidy and really enjoy reading your blog. just thought i'd share that :)

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