Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yet another flower for her hair...

Well, it’s true.  Apparently the numerous bows and flowers I already made her just weren’t enough, so now mini has collected one more flower headband.  

While I was “stalking” away on the various crafty blogs I frequent, I came across an adorable tutorial for making felt flowers from Craftaholics Anonymous.  I didn’t have much time, so I was just skimming and the image I saw made me think I could make them without viewing the tutorial and that they would be perfect on a headband for mini.  (I was planning on putting her in the new ruffle dress that I made for church the next day and I needed a purple accessory to go with it, you understand, I’m sure.)
So I ran downstairs quick and got out my lavender felt and the trusty glue gun.  

At first I thought that I could fold the felt in half and cut slits in the middle of the square, 

then roll and glue it the long way and squish the ends together, making the slits flare out, kind of like how you make paper lanterns, a la:

This, however, did not work as I had intended (which really should be no surprise...), and the petals were way too long.  

So I trimmed off an end of the felt and was left with strips in a circle (it kind of looked like an octopus).  Then I decided I could just glue each petal to the center individually.  When I was finished, I picked the perfect button to be the centerpiece, glued it on some contrasting green felt which was cut into a circle and then glued that whole piece to the middle of the front.  I flipped it over, cut a small square of lavender felt and affixed it to the back of the flower by gluing only two opposite sides.  This allows me to slide a headband through the back of the flower.  I’m really happy with the way the flower itself turned out, although it feels a little bulky in the middle and I think it could be a bit smaller (even though I love putting HUGE oversized bows and flowers in mini’s hair... er, what there is of it.)  I made a headband out of felt by cutting a strip of black and gluing a small round Velcro piece to one end.  I do NOT like the way THIS turned out.  I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty ugly.  

Click for larger image

I am hunting around my house for something else to use for the band, although I may stick with the felt idea and use a different color - maybe use pinking shears along the edges to give it a fun spunky look.
So,   I can now add another felt flower to the mix, and rest assured, with the amount of scrap felt I have laying around and the tiny amount this project requires, I will be making more for her.  Although, this time, I think I will follow the tutorial for Craftaholics Anonymous' felt flowers.  I did go back and read it, and her way will make them less bulky in the middle.  This is a picture of the original inspiration from Linda:

(Now I want to make a wreath, too!)  
One of the best things about this idea, I think is that it won’t break the bank.  Mr can’t complain about all of mini’s new little accessories when they cost about 20 cents a piece!  (Too bad I can’t find age appropriate accessories that cheap for me!)

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kim west said...

so cute! loved the paper lantern reference!

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