Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ugliest art EVER

I bought this at St. Vinny’s at half price Monday (are you surprised?) for only a dollar!  (Although, I think that was a bit overpriced.  I mean look at it.  Atrocious.)  This is quite possibly, the ugliest piece of art I have ever purchased. I will, however, show you how I turned the ugliest art ever into something pretty and practical!  
My daughter is bald.  Well, mostly, anyway.  This isn’t uncommon for three month olds...  but I happen to like accessories.  When I first found out our second child would be a girl, I was ecstatic.  Not that I don’t love my boy bug to death, but girl clothes are so much more fun.  Plus you can put them in cute little shoes and tights and socks with ruffles... and best of all, bows!  When I lived in Utah briefly, I would see moms toting their little baby girls around with these humongous flowers the size of the girls’ heads.  I thought it was HILARIOUS!  I vowed to make a ton for my girls.
And so I did.  I made a ton.  And I am still making them.  After all, a girl can never have too many hair accessories, right?  After perusing some blogs, I came across an idea for what I call a Bow Board.  Ugly art, meet cute safari scrap paper, mod podge and ribbons.  Why, hello!  What an adorable and practical way to store your bows!  Thank you, thank you!

I simply dismantled the art, took off the hanging apparatus, and painted the frame white to match the furniture in mini’s room.  

Then I picked the scrapbook paper I wanted to use - several different safari prints, also to match mini’s room.  I ripped them in different sizes and ways and mod podged them down to the front of the back of the frame.  (convoluted, but you get it, right?)  I placed the glass over this, 

measured out some brown ribbon to match, and strung it across the front, over the glass and hot glued the ends to the back.  Then I put it back in the frame and 

abracadabra!  We have a bow board!

Now, I cannot, for the life of me find the original blog where I got the inspiration.  There are a few different versions out there.  If you are interested, you can find some cute ones at Samster Mommy, Make It and Love It, and The Idea Room.  If I had found these ideas first, however, I never would have attempted this because I would have been too overwhelmed.  The one I made is different because it doesn’t involve sewing in any way.  It’s also different from the original inspiration piece because I recycled something gross and made it better!  Gotta love that!
The only real hiccup in this project is the fact that not all of the bows and flowers fit on this one board.  (I told you I made a lot!) So I may actually need to make a replacement at a future date using a much LARGER (and most likely UGLIER) framed art piece.  

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Unknown said...

You gotta love that "can do" attitude... I need some of that...

Unknown said...

You can do it! Did that help? You should read the post I am working on for later, it is full of some very CAN'T do attitude.... Some days are better than others... ;)

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