Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why does my tub look like this?

(and no, it’s not because I haven’t cleaned it ever - although that is a good guess)

Perhaps it’s because my children look like this:

In an effort to save some cash and have some fun we decided to create our own multi-media artwork to hang in our family room.  The assignment was to create a family portrait using whatever we could find in my stash.  Mr. loved using this technique he learned in elementary school utilizing crayons, black paint and a paper clip along with a black sharpie and some paint for the background:

(Mini loved helping him with it, too!)

Bugaboo loved using EVERYTHING - and punctuated each stroke, stab and swipe with comments like, “Daddy’s leg!  Mommy’s hair!  I paint D-d!” (D-d is our cat...)  

Mini was tons of fun!  While Bug has obviously done arts and crafts with me before, this was her first time.  You can tell she loved it!  

(We got some hand and foot prints which was the highlight I think)

While I can always find my own finished products lacking (we are our own worst critics, right?) I loved combining lots of things to create something unique that I felt represented our family.  I used fabric, tissue paper, rub-ons, paint, photos of our heads and of course one of my best friends EVER, Mod Podge (AKA the greatest invention of all time).  I just found out there is a blog devoted to this wonderful creation - Mod Podge Rocks -  and although I haven’t spent a lot of time there, you can rest assured I will be checking it out - and no doubt coming away with many more inspirations for my fam!  

Our finished products:

(notice Mr's BIG muscles)   


 (I DO wish you could see our faces better)   

(Bug didn't want to remove the paintbrush
or the Q-tip so Mr suggested we leave it
forever, to be preserved in the annals
of our family's history)

(You can just make out Zoe's cute little hands and feet...)

While I certainly would not call myself an artist, the only failure I see with this project is on the tub's part.  Why don’t they clean themselves?? 

I will be scrubbing for a long time...

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Noreen said...

Super cute idea.. and it looks like you had lots of fun!!

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