Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boys like leg warmers too.

Somedays I let bug dress himself...  And some days are just the day after laundry day when I procrastinated laundry day.  Like today.  But the point is, you'll remember from this post, that he liked mini's homemade leg warmers so much he refused to take them off for bed.  

I expected them to be flung to the outer reaches of his bedroom overnight, because most mornings when I get him out of bed he is pretty much stripped naked.  But apparently, arm warmers are the perfect accessory to do lots of things in.  Like sleeping.  Or eating breakfast.  Or playing with stickers.  Or learning the letter "E".  Or trying to escape through the front door!  

I guess I need to shed my preconceived biases.  Leg warmers: they're not just for girls anymore!

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