Friday, October 1, 2010

my last confession

(nervously clears throat) Well, I have a confession to make.  At the beginning of last month, I raved and raved about how excited I was for Stashbusting September over at The T-Shirt Diaries.  I even showed many extremely embarrassing pictures of my craft area, or junk heap as it stands, convinced that by the end of the month I would have my very long to do list all crossed off and would then show you glowing pictures of my bright and shiny, clean and organized craft space (who am I kidding?  As if my dungeon of a basement will ever be bright and shiny...)
Yes, I professed to the world that I was grooming my craft “stache” for once and for all.  I was determined to take this:

and make this:

When in fact what I actually did was take this:
Did anyone else just notice that this guy's middle buttons aren't buttoned?  Isn't that weird?

and make this:

Which isn’t a whole lot better, unfortunately.  Would you like to see the updated to-do list with the projects I was able to get done all crossed off?  I thought so.
Embellish t-shirts and onesies with different techniques for bug and mini
fabric embellished notebooks
Some lace applique things
felt wallet for bug
kitchen drawer organizer
mini’s butterfly mobile
some more headbands - ruffled ribbon variety probably, maybe some “leather”
Turning t-shirts into tights and skirts (for mini)
turning a tunic into a top (for me)
mini’s tutu
bug’s tie
old mirror revamp
several wreathes for several occasions
recycled vases
making some cool stuff out of frames and baby food jars
and most importantly, FINALLY conquering that cardi-hat!!

Yep.  Super deluxe.
It’s not like I didn’t do anything.  I did 

and this

and this

and this

some of these

(oh, along with this bonus)

all from nothing but my stash.  And you would think that would have made a dent, but if it did, it’s miniscule.  There are so many things I wanted to get done!  I don’t know where the time goes... wait.  Yes I do.  Sleeping, eating, chasing two almost three year olds and one almost one year old, Monday Food Fest, reading, photo-ing, blogging... OK.  I get it.  Anyway, my point is (and I really never thought I’d be saying this) I am seriously sad that it’s over already.  Yes, of course, I want to run to Hobby Lobby and buy a million yards of ribbon and tons of scrapbooking paper and some circle cutters, and maybe a paper punch or two and some new blades for my paper cutter and possibly some more tulle and a little felt.  But do I really need all of that RIGHT THIS SECOND?  Especially since I still have a list of about 20 things that I can make with things in my basement RIGHT NOW, without buying a single thing?  
And so, I have made an executive decision (since I’m the only one on this little blog, I can do that kind of thing) to extend my Stashbusting another month.  That’s right.  ONE MORE MONTH of getting my “stache” under control.  
I do reserve the right for two little freebies.  The first is this box of goodness right here:
which I got from the local St. Vinny’s today (it being the first day I could buy any craft related items, the first thing I did this morning, obviously, was run to the thrift store).  What is that, you ask?  That, my VF’s, is a box of 32 stone and ceramic tiles for $2.00.  Do you realize that is 6 cents a tile???  And boy do I have plans for them!  (at least some of them, anyway...)   The second is anything related to our Halloween costumes, which I have yet to start, because why in the world would I plan ahead?  I think I can use a lot of stuff we have already, but I will have to go thrifting for the rest.  
So I am allowing myself those TWO THINGS, but that’s IT.  No buying crafty things this month.  If I survive, it will have been two months since I bought anything crafty for myself.  And THAT will be a small miracle.  And maybe on November 1st, I’ll be able to show you after pictures of my prettied up basement space.  Maybe by then it will be well-groomed and handsome.  You know.  Like this:  
I made it extra large for you.  You're welcome.

(PS.  Something crafty coming up.  Be there or be square)


Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

I love your 'staches: the before, the current ... and especially the one you are thriving to reach at the end of the month :). Good luck for October de-stashing!!

Melissa said...

That sounds like me...I hope to keep it going too (except for replace essential expendables (like glue or paint).

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