Sunday, October 3, 2010

scavenger hunt, fall style

 This week we had a lot of fall fun - playing at the park, visiting a farm, pony rides and picking pumpkins.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at each of these occasions.  Fortunately, I did NOT forget my phone.  So the following pictures were taken with my phone's camera.  I will admit that my shots for "fruit" and "sports" are really stretching it... but I was going for a fall theme, and this is what I got.

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1. Golden

three golden-haired cuties
two seconds after this was taken, mini flipped over backwards and landed flat on her face.  She's been doing so well on the swing that I almost wasn't worried at all... but we'll take tire swings more slowly now.

2. Smell

he's a big pig
Got to pet a 900 pound pig at the farm.  Big pigs = BIG SMELLS

3. Fruit

pumpkin eater
I know, it's a vegetable....

4. Sports

jockey in training
her first ever pony ride.  And the pony's name?  Princess,  of course.

 5. Simple

we saw a hawk!

At Trendy Treehouse, shutter love Tuesday's theme is "pumpkins."

First Pick

Check here for more pumpkin shots.


thepunkrockmom charged us with the assignment of "color."  I'm linking three of my photos:

My favorite Color

A day on the farm

I actually took this to compensate for my lack of skills with water droplets last week.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

And you can see the others and join the next (and last) challenge here:


Ashley Sisk said...

These shots are so great! I really love your sports shot...the sky and everything is just perfect. Also, thanks for reminding me what Trendy Treehouse's theme was...I forgot. :)

alicia said...

I can't believe those shots were taken with your phone! WOW. They're great. Thanks for sharing. Love the pumpkin patch one.

Ashley said...

I love these, your smell cracked me up! :)

Unknown said...

Great shots, the sport one is very cute, and those golden heads lovely.

The smell shot, fun choice

thepunkrockmom said...

All of these shots are gorgeous! The water droplet one is beautiful- you should be proud! :)

Thx for entering and linking to my challenge! You rock!

Erika B said...

Great shots all of them. I came over to have a look at the pumpking shot. Sure looks like he picked a heavy on. I just have to say that I really like the Day at the farm-shot and the morning one as well.

Erika B

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