Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project 2: more effective than tying a ribbon around your finger

This project is neither unique nor difficult.  I just made a door hanger out of a wooden plaque I got at the dollar store.  I know, I know.  Almost no effort required, right?  Well, I promise to have better projects coming up.  I don’t feel too bad, though, because both of these sold at the store, so they couldn’t have been TOO lame.

We’re encouraged to pray morning and night, but with my lack of memory, a reminder is always helpful, especially in the harried morning hours.  I figured a lot of our kids felt the same.  So I chose the phrase “Did you think to pray?” for the door hanger.  (It’s actually from a hymn).  How could they miss this if it’s dangling from their knob, right by their hand?
I used the same technique for the words as I described yesterday, by making an image and printing it on tissue paper.  
I sprayed the plaque yellow using krylon “bright idea” (you know that’s my favorite, right?)  

and after it dried, I traced around it on the back of coordinating scrapbook paper.
I cut on the INSIDE of the line - I wanted to make sure the paper was smaller than the plaque because I still wanted a border of yellow around the paper.
Laid down a layer of the podge.
Pressed the scrapbook paper down, really well.
Cut around the words.
Spread some podge over the top.
Carefully and gently, placed the tissue paper down and pressed lightly with my finger.
When it dried, I did another layer of podge over the whole plaque so it was all glossy.
When THAT dried, I took some coordinating belting and cut it to length, then singed the ends so they wouldn’t fray.
Then I turned the plaque over and laid the belting in a loop off the top of the plaque.
I used my staple gun to staple the belting to the plaque securely.
A girly version,
and a not so girly version,
ensure that two kiddos will have some prayerful days. (OK, actually, my sister "bought" the yellow one.  So one kiddo and one sister will have prayerful days).
But you can obviously do this with a favorite quote or inspirational saying, or even your child’s name, too!


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