Friday, October 15, 2010


My blog facelift is almost done!  Sheesh.  Taking long enough.  I thought I’d show you around a little even though it’s not quite perfect.  So.  Welcome.  Let me give you the grand tour.  You’ll notice some subtle changes to the header - most noticeably that mini isn’t bald anymore.  Still has the binky though.  The right sidebar still houses my “inspiration board” first - which is a place for me to put all things that strike my fancy!  I decided a while ago to turn this into a spot to feature other bloggers who inspire me, so if you’d like to be featured there all you have to do is be a follower and leave me a comment linking to two of your favorite posts.  Read here for more info.  Under that you’ll find my new and improved (and no longer super gargantuan) button.  That’s me with the yellow skirt, and you’re the one in pink.  I know, you might not have black curly hair or blue eyes, but I modeled you after my real-life best friend and she’s a beauty so I thought you’d appreciate that.  Under my button you’ll see some of my must reads - including what I’m currently reading and bug's current obsession.  Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, so I wanted to include it in some way on my blog.  On the left, you’ll find the usual suspects - a brief bio, followers, tags, and the archive.  You’ll notice the navbar has changed a bit.  “home” and “me, myself and i" are pretty self-explanatory. “tut-ing my horn" is where you’ll find listings of favorite tutorials - crafts, sewing, repurposing, scrapbooking and recipes!  Next to that you’ll see “series-ously!” which is where I’ll post my mini-series as I do them so they can be easily referred to.  You may remember my “How to Stretch a Shirt (and a dollar)” series?  That was the inspiration for many more to come!  “snappits” is where you’ll find my photo posts and lastly “my button jar” where I display my featured buttons and any fun events I’ve been a part of.  Phew.  Now you have the basic run down.  And here’s the (very flexible, pretty tentative) schedule of events.  Sunday night I post my photos for various challenges.  On Monday night at my house, we have Monday Food Fest - which was a silly little term I made up in jest that stuck for some odd reason.  My parents come over and I cook three brand new recipes we’ve never tried before, and then I review them for all of you - complete with pictures.  This way you’ll now what to try and what to avoid!  Tuesday - Thursday I do two or three projects, usually with full tutorials.  Friday I usually write “things my two-year-old taught me” which is a reflection of what I’ve learned from bug recently.  I love to write, and this is a chance for me to let creative juices flow and entertain you with bug’s crazy antics, his forays into makeup application, silly little lists, and maybe a little motivation.  This schedule is subject to change at a moments (or at bug’s or mini’s) notice.
You’ve got the 4-1-1 now.  You’re in the know.  You got the deets.  Keep it on the DL.  (Or something.)

thank you, thank you for coming by!  



Ashley said...

Looks great Kim!

Lisa said...

Thanks for your great comments. Following you right back.

Danielle @ We Have It All said...

OhMyGosh I LOVE your blog!! I've NEVER seen one designed like this before, sooo cute!!

I am your newest follower & I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Gabrielle said...

The blog looks fantastic! LOVE IT!

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

I love it! Its so fun and unique...just like you! And I love your family pic, that head of hair on your son is ENVY!

love your guts

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