Sunday, October 10, 2010

something pretty darn awesome.

I'm not done with my mini makeover (ps, I decided it wasn't REALLY a blog makeover, just a blog facelift), but when I am I'll give you a tour.

For now, I wanted to tell you about something pretty darn awesome.  (Like you didn't know that from reading the post title.)

And this is it.


You've seen me give awards to House of Sarager before, because Jackie and her blog are great.  You should go see.  You'll agree, trust me.  This week, Jackie is hosting a super fun party on her blog called "Impact Week."  It all started back in August with some teens and a tree... but I'll let you go hear THAT straight from the horses mouth.  I'll just fill you in on THIS little secret.  Jackie's having some (from what I hear) really amazing guest posts this week.  And I happen to be one of them!  Each day, Jackie's posting someone's experience with how God has impacted their life.  AND she wants YOU (yes, you.  And you, too) to link your stories up in the comments!  

I have to admit.  I am kind of nervous.  First, because I bet the other guest posters have some amazing stories to tell.  And secondly because this is the first post in which I'm not being my silly self.  Or my somewhat self-deprecating sarcastic self.  Or my "cook" self, or my "craft self" - I'm just being my... self.  Not that any of the selves are better than the others... you can tell we have a multiple personality thing going on here.  The point is, if you want to be uplifted and motivated, go here.  And if you want to listen to me talk a little about my... SELF... go here on Thursday.  


Unknown said...

You'll do fine, I'm sure....just speak from the heart. :)

Unknown said...

Well I've read her post, and let me assure you, it is altogether perfect. Everything about it is lovely.

You all should be peeing your pants in anticipation.

Can I say that? Is that offensive?

Love you. THanks for sharing.
Thanks for posting!

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