Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Even more stained glass (but some other stuff too)

If you didn't know it already, you surely do now.  I go a little hog wild sometimes.  Maybe I have an addictive personality type.  Maybe it's a serious problem.  The first step is admitting it, right?  Do you know of a support group for those addicted to DIY mod podged stained glass?  (and what would that be called anyway?  DMPSG?  Sounds like something they're injecting into our dairy cattle or something.)

Anyway!  I've jumped on the Halloween band wagon (officially) and made some treat jars.

The first set here was made with the DIY stained glass technique using red and yellow food coloring mixed well.

I then cut black wall vinyl with my my sister's cricut.  I placed it freehand, and I'm shocked (and happy) that it's straight.  

By the way, that big glass in the back there was a spaghetti jar that I stained black.  It looks green though.  Why is that?

The next set was modeled on these mummy treat jars which I saw on Craft-O-Maniac.  You can find a full tutorial over there.  

She posted this a few weeks ago and I loved it.  Of course, the only gauze we had in the house was this super thick crazy ultra deluxe "so you cut your finger off" stuff.  I highly recommend getting the cheap stuff.  Or maybe it's just the wrong kind.  Are there multiple kinds of gauze?  I'm not a wound expert.  This stuff would not fray, no matter how hard I tried.  (So, I guess that's good advertising for Johnson and Johnson... nope not being compensated.  Maybe I should be.)  

Anyway, so I folded each piece I used multiple ways and used a scissors to rough it up on all the edges.  Then I poked holes in the middle.  I wanted these mummies to look old and used, man.  Then I just hot glued an end on the jar and started wrapping.  

For the big jars, I had to poke the eyes through a doubled up piece of gauze and then glue that to the jar, but for the little jar I just used normal googly eyes and glued them on.  It's a little mummy family!  

Now that I look at the pictures, though, It kind of just looks like Cottonelle Ultra.  I probably could have used toilet paper for the same affect and kept the expensive gauze in our medicine cabinet.  Oh well.

I think I may need to take a break from jars.  I'm worried about jar withdrawal, though.  I've heard it's rough.  I may need to distract myself with ribbon and fabric.  Maybe a run to the craft store?  Since it really isn't fair to suffer withdrawals from two things at once...

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Melissa said...

Oh, tsk, tsk. No craft store until the end of September.

I bet cheesecloth would work great for the mummies.

Unknown said...

Holy COW funny ... those giant mummy eyes are a crack up. tO FUN and cuTE. Love your boo jars too. THANKS SO MUCH for linking, much apprecaited. XOXO Jen

Life in Rehab said...

Too cute! And yeah, the giant eyes are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I loved the stain glass jars you made. The mummy jars were hilarious too. I'm not familiar with the DIY staining technique you mentioned. Is there a link to it somewhere? I'd love to give it a try. Thanks,
April @ Homehinges.com

Jill said...

SO cute! Those huge eyes on the mummies make me laugh!

Thanks for linking up!

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