Friday, September 3, 2010

I love pots. (that's POTS, people, POTS)

You’ll probably be just as surprised as I was to learn that csn stores contacted LITTLE OLD ME to do a review for them!  I know, right?  I’m just getting flattered all over the place here.
Well, I jumped on that csn bandwagon, and since I’ve been hearing so much about them from everyone out there, I was pretty excited to get my gift card.
For my review, I was given a $40 gift card to do with what I would.  Whoa.  And here’s a little tutorial of the process for you:
First, I had to make a decision.  And this was the only hard part to the whole transaction.  Have you seen  Probably.  But if not, go there.  You’ll be awed by the sheer vastness of it all.  It’s incredible.  And picking just one or two things is a daunting task for even the most decisive of people, which I am NOT.  Look at some of the goodies I’ve now added to my wishlist:
This awesome airplane (with peddles) for bug.  

He’s obsessed with airplanes and just might pass out if he got his very own.  OR this little easel - love it!  

Or this play mailbox.  How cute is that?  Who DOESN’T love getting mail?  I know my kids would.  

Pretty much anything on the toys and games site could go on my list.
I’m also in love with the storage options and furniture for preschools.  No, I don’t have a preschool, but any play room could use a little bit of this

or this.  

If I only had more space...
And on a completely unrelated note, I’m crushing on these shoes.  

And maybe these too.

So what did I decide on, you ask?  (DRUM ROLL)

A pot rack!
A pot rack???  (That was my sisters’ reactions anyway...)  Yep.  I’ve been wanting one for a while.  And since this kitchen aid 

would not be covered by the gift card, I went the pot rack route.  My kitchen doesn't have the prime layout for a pot rack, but I decided I didn’t care.  Anything to put my pot cupboard to better use.
So, FINALLY, I moved on to step two, choosing the pot rack.  They have a ton of great options to choose from.  From ornate:

 to trendy:

I decided on this one:

Both mr and I agreed that the simplicity of it was right for our home.

These two steps were really fun and easy.  The site is categorized and has a lot of different search options with parameters you can narrow to find exactly what you need.
Next, I needed to use the gift certificate code to check out.  Went like a breeze.  No surveys to take, no huge long-winded pages to fill out, just punch it in, put in your billing address and go.  Ahhhhh.  Nice.
And then came: The Waiting Game.  If you’re like me, this is usually the hardest part.  It’s like a kid waiting for Christmas.  I hunkered down and dreamed beautiful dreams of a lovely pot free cupboard and a stylish rack hanging over my head... which were rudely interrupted by the doorbell.  Already???  Yes, really.  

The very same week I purchased the pot rack it arrived from the manufacturer.  I think it was a total of maybe 3 days?  I’m not sure, it was so fast, I couldn’t keep track.
Now, the installation.  In my opinion, the installation was a breeze.  We put it up the day after we got it, and by we I mean mr, of course.  

It seemed really straight forward, but that’s coming from the person with feet planted firmly on the ground.  The rack came with clear instructions and everything we needed (minus the drill).  The hardest part was getting it squared with the walls.  And making sure to catch the beams, because who wants a pot rack falling on their head?  
I was so excited, I proceeded to the next step right away.  I hung my pots.  

Beautiful.  And it didn’t crash to the floor!  Look, my pan is sparkly!
And the final step?  Purchasing a pretty new colander you don’t mind displaying to replace the ugly plastic one.  
Done and done.
Thanks, csn!  This was fun.  We should do it again sometime. 

PS - and guess what came in the mail just a day or two later?  My birthday present from mr and his parents (a few weeks early - I love surprises like that)  And what was it you ask?  Ta-da!

All of my birthday dreams are coming true.  (thanks mr and mr's parents.)


Unknown said...

Wow! I keep seeing people do reviews for them. How did you get involved? I'm so curious.

Jill said...

This is sooo cool. And I'm so envious of your new mixer!!!

Robin Ange said...

I can't lie, the red shoes would totally be mine. How did you get involved in doing the review?

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