Sunday, September 19, 2010

I don't think it needs an introduction anymore.

I mean, you all know what this first post on Monday is going to look like, right?  Lots of photos (mostly of my kids), lots of me trying to be all artistic, lots of blathering on about how I "coulda done this better", or "wish I had... (better lighting/photography education/luck)".  Blah, blah, blah...

So as not to disappoint, here's a lot of pictures.    

At Ramblings and Photos this week, it's Scavenger Hunt Sunday time.

so I know it's probably cheating to use a collage instead of one image, but there just wasn't ONE image to sum up this idea.  On Saturday we took the kids to an annual event in a nearby rock quarry where they were allowed to climb all over the equipment and dirt mounds, drive back hoes, bulldozers, and cranes, take rides in cherry pickers, humongous "earth movers", and jeeps, make stuff, learn all about local geology and, of course, play in the dirt.  Usually bug is terrified of new things - especially when they are big and loud, but his love for all vehicles won out and he reveled in every minute of it.  It really was a LITTLE BOY'S DREAM COME TRUE


oh, if only it were real... (actually, funny story, mr looked at this pic and said, "What??  Where did that come from???" and I had to show him the actual play money, which is very small and very white, to prove it wasn't real.  Then we marveled at the wonders of post processing.)

I just have to say, I'm kind of proud of this.  I could have used it SOOC, but I wanted it black and white.  That's the only change I made, which - for an amateur like me - is pretty cool.


Join in next time!

And it's also time for another challenge over at thepunkrockmom.  I've been having a lot of fun doing challenges along with her while she takes some photography lessons.  

This week's theme was "story time," and we were supposed to tell a story with photos.  That means I will leave you with no captions, only these images from earlier today:

Every Story has

a beginning,

a middle,

and an end.

The only thing I have to say about that is: I'm pretty darn proud of my man.  


At The Trendy Treehouse, Shutter Love Tuesday has the theme "cakes" this week.  I couldn't help it, I went to my archives for this beauty:

my dad IL and I have birthday's very close in date.  A few years ago, my mom IL made the cake and mr and I brought candles.  We decided to put on enough candles for my age AND his age.  I think it was like two full boxes.  I'm surprised the smoke detector didn't go off.  And look, wax cake!  Mmmmm... tasty.



thepunkrockmom said...

Awesome pix! I love them all! And congrats to your guy for his accomplishment! :D Thx for entering again!


Ashley Sisk said...

I love your photos for scavenger hunt sunday and you should be proud of the dice is very cool. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hello! New follower here from Sassy Sites Blog Hop! Look forward to connecting with you!

Carrie A Groff

BJ_Mama said...

I've always wanted to go to QUarry Quest!!! (Maybe next year) GREAT PHOTOS!!!

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

LOVE your photos! And I don't think a collage is cheating at all - LOL! :-) I thought the currency was real (need to pull out the ole' glasses), and your pair shot was my favorite! GREAT job! :-)

alisamm said...

Hey, we're all super impressed and proud of your man! Marathons are NO SMALL FEAT!

Charmaine Poulin said...

Fantastic shots! I can't just choose one!

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