Monday, September 6, 2010

Seeing red. (over, and over, and over...)

I have a confession.  I went a little crazy with the “red” theme this week.  I planned on taking a bunch of shots and choosing one, which is OBVIOUSLY what I normally do when I get an opportunity for a mini “shoot”.  (sometimes I just get one chance and that’s what I have to use.  But sometimes I can purposely plan a little more time for some photos.)  Anyway, this time, it was pretty much impossible for me to choose a favorite.  So, I am posting one for the “official” red entry and then down below you’ll see a bazillion more “red” pictures that you can skip if you want to, but I just couldn’t resist putting them up.  Thanks for humoring me.  As you usually do.
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1. Red
Blew up a bunch of balloons and found an open field down the street from our house.  It was a super windy day, so these photos didn't take on the life I wanted them to, but I think I got some good shots regardless.  bug was actually afraid to hold all of the balloons at once... and if you can't tell, there is one green one in there, because he insisted.  And my favorite part about this photo isn't actually the red element, but rather bug's shadow.
2. Homespace
This is me.  A few notes about this photo.  #1.  Obviously, this is archived.  I am NOT currently 8 months pregnant.  So, no need to worry, family member type people. #2.  I know, this is kind of a stretch for this theme, but hear me out.  My thought process went like this: mr mentioned that our tiny baby is now 9 months old.  That means she's now been "out" as long as she's been "in".  So I got all nostalgic walking down lanes of memories.  And I found this.  And I thought, "awwww..." (well, after I thought "geez I'm huge" anyway).  I then realized that I was supposed to be looking through this week's photos for something to use for homespace.  Then I realized that this could kind of count for homespace, I mean, what better representation than our very FIRST physical home, all warm and cozy and peaceful?  (Well, cozy until you get so big you're too crowded to fit and start to bruise poor mom's ribs. )  AND if you don't go in for that explanation, I also really like the homespace pictured in the background, which is the fireplace at my mom and dad's place.  How I envy them their fireplace.  #3.  Yes, I really get this big.  I really get even bigger, actually, because this is only 7 months in...  imagine nine months.  Yikes.  I'm short.  I have no torso.  #4.  The end.
3. Fence
at the park the other evening.
4. Rock
at the same park on the same evening.  He climbed up all by himself, which is saying something since he's usually a scaredy cat.
5. Sharp
You might think this is yet another stretch on the theme, and I would to, had I not been there.  That grass was sharp!  I mean, not in your typical, wow, that knife just cut me kind of way... BUT, it popped not ONE, but TWO balloons, and here bug and mini both ponder the grass and it's ability to ruin their fun.
Further evidence:
Now THAT'S disappointment.

As promised, here are some more balloon fun shots.  Enjoy!

obviously I didn't take this one, hubby did.  but it's cute and I didn't enter it in the scavenger hunt, so it's ok.

he's trying desperately to control these against the ferocious wind.  Poor guy.  I think he's actually crying here, but it got more fun later.

explaining what balloons are.  what a good teacher.

"these are amazing!"

"I've never had so much fun in my life!"  (Though, she must think this about 50 times a day, because she's ALWAYS smiling like this...)
"no, no, I'm good.  You can hold them.  Yes, I'm sure."

"ok.  Can we go home now?"


I can't believe I forgot to include my contribution to Shutter Love Tuesdays at Trendy Treehouse!  The theme this week is bloopers/out takes, and Heaven knows I've got a ton of those!  Here's the one I finally picked:

I've tried a number of tactics (to varying degrees of success) to coax sweet photo moments out of my two year old - especially concerning his little sister.  We were playing outside and I told him to whisper a secret, and THIS is what I got.  It seems more like he's either eating her face or trying to smother her, not sure.  The funny thing is, she totally started laughing when he did this, it didn't bother her at all!  Also, notice how wonderfully blurry the shot is, so it's a blooper in that regard as well.  

I showed my husband a number of photos that were contenders for this theme, and when he saw this one, he laughed out loud.  That's why it won in my book.   



Zoe said...

Oh I love ALL your photo! I love the balloon idea, and your interpretation of homespaces is so sweet!

Unknown said...

Lots of fun shots, they are all great

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful photos!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love all the red - the balloons would make a great 1 year old photo shoot. I love the one you selected for the hunt. Great work this week. And sweet story on homespace.

Charmaine Poulin said...

I seriously love all of the red ones wonder you had to post them all!!! In fact...I love all of your shots this week!

Jill said...

Those are great shots! I love your fence one! You're not the only one who considers the womb a home, when my mom got a hysterectomy, I told her she destroyed my first home! lol

P.S. I really do have a working turn table!!!

Bree said...

I love all the balloon shots! I bet those were so fun to take.

Like your interpretation on homespace too. I had the hardest time with that one, didn't really have any bright ideas of what to use.

I totally get your sharp shot too. At first I thought you were going for sharp eyesight, since they look like they're hard for something.

Anika said...

Looks like so much fun! I love that first shot and the fence shot-beautiful images and great editing!

Siobhan said...

Great Job...I love your fence shot and all the balloon images!!

Joanna said...

I LOVE the composition on your fence & rock shots! Seriously, these are All very lovely...these balloons totally put a smile on my face :)

Nancy E said...

These are great photos! Fence and rock are really great --- but the red in the balloons is so colorful and the selective coloring shot in the beginning was really nice!

Here are mine if you want to stop by!


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