I've never been much of a cook.  For my mother's big birthday bash when I was 18, I made kraft mac and cheese, and we had it with fake bubbly.  (and by big birthday bash, I mean me, my mom and dad eating some cake with candles)...  I burned toast, I set our microwave on fire (literally, it was chaos) and just about the only thing I could do well WAS kraft mac and cheese!  I made my first cake out of a box at age 15; at that point I don't even think I was aware you could make cake from scratch still.  Like, the ability to actually DO that went the way of Bewitched and Frank Sinatra.  After I got married three years ago, I decided it was high time to start cooking and baking like an adult.  Now, I'm no master chef here, but with practice, I am definitely getting better.  Out of all my creative hobbies right now, this is the one I've developed the most. I still make silly mistakes and I will still be posting all those mistakes on my blog for everyone's amusement, as well as links to recipes I like and cooking tips I've found helpful.    This page here is where you will find my "top rated" recipes.  I try new things weekly, and force them on my family.  So everything listed below are the ones that really make the cut.  If you want to see all the bad ones, too, you can click on the "cook" category in the sidebar.  But why would you want to when I've already used guinea pigs for you?

Spinach Salad (well, my dad liked it...)
(chocolate) Torte (family fave)
Easy YUMMY Chicken Salad (really good on croissants)
Sticky Spicy Ribs (AKA "Better Than Dave's (the famous one)")
Loaded Baked Potato Salad (or my version - Loaded Baked Potato Bake)
German Meal (Schnitzel, spaetzle, cheese sauce, kuchen)
Fruit Pizza (sans sugar cookie crust)

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