Monday, June 7, 2010


You’re in for a treat tonight.  It’s a double whammy!  I couldn’t resist telling you about our German favorites, even though it wasn’t made for Monday Food Fest.  But tonight WAS Monday Food Fest... so you get another food review!  (Try to contain yourself.)
Well, my dad found some fried chicken he wanted me to make.  Unfortunately, he has this knack for picking meals that are impossible to do for any number of reasons.  The one he wanted tonight required that I make it in “an extra large, heavy-bottomed dutch oven” which I don’t own.  So, I went on handy dandy recipeezaar and decided to try a for oven fried chicken - called "Incredible Oven Fried Chicken."
My mom found a recipe for potato salad in a favorite magazine that she thought would go well.
And for dessert... well...
I did it.  I finally broke down. It was there, in the check out aisle, calling to me every time I bought groceries.  I would walk past, and it would silently yet seductively beckon.  It knew I wanted it.  And it used its subtle, tantalizing promises of sweet success to draw  me near.  I refused to touch it.  I knew if I picked it up, I would immediately throw it onto the check stand among my bread and eggs... but I couldn’t resist.  I bought Paula Deen’s “special collector’s issue: Best Desserts.”  Can you blame me??

Paula Deen's Special Collector's Best Desserts Magazine

So I picked dessert tonight, and there were about a million I wanted to try and couldn’t because I realized I’d have to do some updating to the baking equipment first... but I finally decided on Lemon Pistachio Pie. 
 mr really wanted some legs... and we all know I hate legs.  But I succumbed to his desires, because I’m not just cooking for myself here, what’s the fun in that?  So I bought drumsticks and thighs - the WHOLE leg - and made THIS RECIPE.  Well, you already know what I thought about it, since my feelings on chicken (and how we should all pretend it came from a plant) and chicken legs/thighs have NOT changed.  mr thought it was kind of greasy, but had a good flavor.  Dad loved the breading (it had a “kick”.)  I think if I ever wanted to do this again, I would make it with boneless/skinless breasts so it wouldn’t be as greasy and I would actually enjoy it.  
Here’s the Creamy Dill Potato Salad - from Family Circle magazine.
This was, by far, the star of the show tonight.  It was creamy and had a great flavor and you could really tell that the dill was fresh and the potatoes were... um, fresh... well, I’ve run out of reasons why it was good.  It just tasted delicious, trust me on this.  Mom said it was the best potato salad she'd ever had.  (I think we can trust her this time.)
The Lemon Pistachio Pie was delicious, too, and here it is:
  mr wasn’t a huge fan of the texture, but mom and I both liked it much more than a pecan pie.  (I know, right??) I am a huge fan of pistachios, though.  I give it 4.5 stars and encourage you to get the Paula Deen dessert edition if you like dessert as much as I do.  (and no, I will not be making these ALL the time... I will stick to making dessert ONCE a week... no need to go all crazy here...)  I DID serve this with homemade whipped cream, because after learning recently how to make it I’ve been adding it whenever possible.
um... I didn't get a picture before it was gobbled...
Despite running late because BOTH kids had to get immunizations today and mini had a dr. appointment on top of that, therefore causing us to eat around 7 instead of at a normal dinner time, the meal was (mostly) a success.  I do think it’s ok when I make a main course I’m not all that thrilled with, because it gives me more excuses to take seconds on dessert.  So, a triumph all around, in my book! 


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