Saturday, August 9, 2014

Brown Paper Packages. Because we all love them.

Now that you've started your holiday gift-making, I figured you may need some ideas for wrapping!  If you follow me on pinterest, you've probably already guessed that my favorite way to wrap is with kraft paper.  It's just so versatile!    So today, I've got:

for you.

So, for this gift wrap, here are the materials you'll need:

NOT PICTURED: Exacto knife.
The first idea is a much more involved, but still very easy to do.  For the second idea, you'll only need tape, wrapping paper, kraft paper and scissors.  (and glue, optionally)

This is a really straightforward idea that probably needs no explanation, especially with the photos:
Measure out and cut your kraft paper to fit around your present.
Trace your cookie cutter or stencils on the kraft paper.  I used stars, but you can use any symmetrical shape - a flower, a Christmas tree, etc.
Only trace HALF of the shape.
Use your exacto knife to cut the lines.
Erase any pencil marks you can still see.
Turn the paper so the shapes will be centered on top of the package when finished wrapping.
Wrap the present in fun paper.
Place the present on the kraft paper so the stars are positioned on top where you want them to be.
Wrap as normal.
Use washi tape to add some decorative flair.  I always use clear tape to hold the wrapping paper and washi tape just as a decorative element.  I've had too many presents come unwrapped when wrapped only with washi tape.
Turn your present over.
Pull the shape flaps back.


Next up:

Cut a piece of Kraft paper.
Fold it accordion style.
Fold the accordion in half, like a fan.
Cut it into thirds.
Cut each piece of accordion/fan along the non-folded edge.  Just cut little slits close together, like fringe.
Open the accordion/fan up.
Start at one edge and roll it up.
Tape the bottom, non-cut portion up to secure the roll.
Add more cut fringe by simply rolling it on, if you want to make your pom-pom larger.

 And stick it on your wrapped package!  Ta-da!

(Here's where I admit to you that I used hot glue to put it on the present.  You might be able to get away with glue dots or even some nice, strong clear tape.)

And there you have it!  
How do you make your packages pretty??

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