Monday, August 25, 2014

For the Pops.

Here's an idea that's been around the block in various forms a number of times, but I couldn't help reinventing it again this year for Father's Day for my own dad.

This is the simplest way I've found to let your dad know he's the best!

Gather supplies:
a cute pack of soda (I used Sprechers Root Beer, because everyone loves Sprechers!)
a favorite candy bar (substitute a granola bar or equivalent for those healthy pops)
a gift tag (free printable down at the end!)
washi tape
baker's twine

And throw it together in no time flat:
Decorate the candy bar with washi and twine.
Decorate each bottle of soda with twine around the top.
Decorate the box of soda with washi tape.
Stick the candy bar behind two of the soda bottles.
Tie the gift tag around one soda bottle.
Laugh it up, it's so puny!

My dad thought it was pretty cute and witty - it's nice he thinks so highly of me...

If you're looking for something simple, cute, and appreciative for Father's Day or Dad's birthday, I think this is the way to go.

Here are your tags to print out!

 photo tag1_zps5e55ee7b.jpg  photo tag1b_zps93573bae.jpg  photo tag2_zpsf425e434.jpg  photo tag2b_zps23bed32f.jpg  photo tag3_zps433277b3.jpg  photo tag3b_zps4a581419.jpg

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