Saturday, August 23, 2014

cat lovers unite!

I like cats.  I wouldn't consider myself a "cat lady" by any means... but I really like them, and not just because they're cute.  They're smart, and seem to possess an almost uncanny empathy for human emotion.  Also, they do seriously ridiculous stuff - I could stick some tape on my cats back and laugh for hours.  Seriously.
ANYWAY, if you are a cat lover, like me, you realize why this gift roundup is necessary.  Say what??  You say.  That's right.  A cat-lover roundup.  Check it.


1. Grumpy Cat Chandelier Earrings - Craftster 
These just made me laugh.  A lot.

2. Aromatherapy Cat Nap Eye Pillows - Adventures in Making
What would make your eyes feel better than cats?  Nothing, that's what.

3. Cat Pillow - Citrus and Cream
This is an upcycle AND it's adorable.  It used to be old sweats!  Now it's just plain sweet; that little heart is a pocket!

4. Stuffed Terry Cat - Doll Making
No cat gift roundup would be complete without a free tutorial for a stuffed cat!

5. 5 Minute Elegant Cat Necklace - Happy Friends Shop
An adorable and easy to make addition to any wardrobe.

6. Cat-ear Hat - Gina Michele
Um, hello cute!  Make this adorable little hat out of an old sweater!

7. Cat Phone Cover - tuts plus
A sock!  You can make a cute cover/holder for your phone out of a sock!

8. The Parlor Cat Knitting Pattern - Ravelry
If you knit, why aren't you making this awesome cat softie right now?  It's a pillow!  It's a toy!  It's decor!  Too many possibilities.

9. Cat Purse - A Beautiful Mess
This easy to follow tutorial will make the purrrfect little accessory (see what I did there??) - a trendy, cutesified cat head purse!

10. Cat Pencil Case - My White Idea
I need another pencil case like a hole in the head, but I'm pretty sure I need to make this.  The mouth zips open people.  ZIPS OPEN.

11. Embroidered Cat Sweater - Kittenhood
This is not your 80's-style mom cat sweater.  No way.  

12. Cat Clothespins - Design Sponge
This is one of those ideas you wonder why you haven't done yet.  Cats on clothespins??  With stripes and dots??? So cute.

13. Cat Basket - Hello Natural
This makes me want to learn how to make a coiled rope basket.

14. Cat Stud Earrings - The Pink Samurai
Shrinky dinks!  You can make anything out of shrinky dinks!  Especially these super cute cat heads.

15. Cat Mug - Haley Ann
Sharpie mugs are all over the place.  And why not?  You can personalize them any way you want... how about a cat face every time you take a sip?  Love those whiskers...

16. Felt Cat Mask - Sibyl Nutmeg
Masks are not just for Halloween.  Or 4 yr old dress ups.  Tell me you don't want this mask for yourself.

17. Cat Plant Pots - Blitsy Crafts
Looks like these clay pots take a little more effort to make, but they also look totally worth it.

18. Cat Wallet - Lana Red
This is a cute and easy to stitch wallet - stick your phone in, credit cards, photos, whatever!  

19. Cat Flats - Kittenhood
Cutest. Shoes. Ever.

20. Sock Cat - Professor Pincushion
Move over monkey!  There's a new sock creature in town, and this cat's cute.

Hope you found some inspiration for your cat loving friends!

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Patty V said...

Whenever I see a post about cats I take a peek. Love all these cute things for our furry friends. I'm a cat lover, too and with the help of my "Little Kitty" developed a cat toy as a result of her never ending desire to play with the braided elastic I use in the product I sell on Etsy. Sharing with you my invention, The Original Kitty Stretch 9. Here's the link if you'd like to take a look.
Thanks for sharing these great kitty goodies. PattyV

Unknown said...

These cat gifts definitely made me LOL. Its crazy being obsessed with cats. I wanted you to check out a few of the cat gifts I rounded up in my blog article gifts for cat lovers!!!
Thanks for the fun read!

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