Sunday, March 30, 2014

(yarn) Party time! Excellent!

Party time!

It's been a suuuuuper long time since I've hosted a link party here, but I decided the return of the awesomest yarn series ever warranted a special celebration!!
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I do hope you'll help me spread the word and link up your own projects.  Remember, they can be absolutely anything to do with yarn - kids crafts, wreaths, decor, paper crafts, crochet, knitting, sewing bags to hold your crocheting and knitting, wrapping stuff up, games, tips and tricks, clever ideas and uses, yarn storage,  how to untangle it... you get the idea.  We're pretty loose.  Yarn just has to be involved somehow. 

1. Link up (yarn) projects.
2. Link back (you can use the button for your convenience!)  Share it on the project post or on your blog somewhere.
3. Spread the word!  
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Visit others.  Talk amongst yourselves.  Mingle.  Eat snacks.  (Sorry, snacks not provided...)

The link party will run from March 30th - April 19th, the entire duration of the series, in order to give you all time to link up.

I can't wait to see your yarn projects!  Oh, and feature some too!

*Be sure to check below for all the fun parties I link to!


Liz Szilagyi said...

Ironically, this week's preschool co-op lesson is Y for yarn. I'm not teaching, so I'm not sure I'll be able to link up. But seriously, the possibilities are endless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting me to the party! I am so excited to be a part of it! Thank you for hosting!

homemade@myplace said...

thank you for inviting me and my fox !!!!
xxxxxx Ale

Julia @ It's Always Ruetten said...

Thank you so much for hosting this fun link party! I shared my yarn wreaths!

Charlie said...

I added several. I hope you like them :o)

Unknown said...

Awesome party, saw mention on another blog and hopped over. I linked up a couple popular posts. Thanks for the opportunity!

Ren said...

I just now got the time to visit and am disappointed to see the party is already closed and I missed linking-up. There is some great work here. If you have another party, let me know!

Ana Love Craft said...

Thanks for visiting and for make a sweet comment on my blog :) And thanks too for the invite to the awesome link party... I notice that's too late, sorry. Next time I'll be here sooner.
Happy Easter!
Hugs from Portugal,
Ana Love Craft

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