Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WZWW #2 - A Valance

I just have to say, was she ever really this little?

Last time I did a "What Zoe Wore Wednesday" post, it was quite a bit more recent than this.  I have a few oldies - this is an idea that's been brewing for a while - so there's several flashbacks thrown in.  Even back then, mini was very particular about what she put on.

In these pictures, my daughter is wearing a valance.  Yeah.  Like you put on a window.

Graffiti Shirt - Granimals, Walmart - 2.50 on clearance (I buy all my granimals on clearance!)
Skirt - Made by me (from a valance!  Got it at a thrift store) 
Underskirt - Made by me (from thrift store eyelet)
Bright Pink Belt - Made by me (it was actually a headband, and before that it was a pair of knit tights)
Fringe Sandals - Walmart, hand me down

I admit it, I added the belt myself.  She's not that good.  But the rest was all her.

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