Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On fuzzy hearts, bracelets, and bribery. (And a free printable!)

I've been tossing this idea around for a long time, now.  I actually made a few of these quite a while ago, but had little chance to take some finished photos with the gloomy, RAINY and then snowy days we've been having.  (The weather here is completely indecisive and I'm pretty sick of it...)

In any case, if you're looking for a super simple and inexpensive little gift to whip up for Valentines Day - either for your child, your child's class, or the kids in your play group - I've got a cute little idea for you.

They're so fun and easy to make, it'll take you no time at all - despite the fact that I once again only have poorly drawn illustrations to guide you.

1.  Cut two strips of red felt at about one inch by four inches for each bracelet.
2.  Place a hair elastic overlapping the end of one of the felt pieces by about half of the elastic.
3.  Put the other felt strip on top - sandwiching the elastic between.
4.  Stitch around the whole thing with a straight stitch.  (Although it looks like there're some stitches missing, I assure you, there are stitches around the whole thing.)
5.  Hand sew a little button to the end opposite the elastic.
6.  Cut out some felt shapes.  I used hearts for the girls and arrows for the boys - Valentine-y without the mushiness.  Then cut two slits in each shape.  The slits should be slightly longer than 1 inch and should run parallel to each other about 1/2 an inch apart.
7. Slide the felt shape on your strip - up through the back of the shape, across the front, then down through the front on the other side.
8.  All you have to do to clasp your bracelet is use the button/elastic closure!  Easy shmeezy!

I printed out some cute little cards to complete the Valentines.

I had a hard time coming up with something that was cute, appropriate for felt bracelets and Valentine-y.  This was the winner.
Because felt is fuzzy, right?  Right???

Anyway, just print up the cards on card stock, cut them out, use a craft knife to cut two parallel slits, slide the sides of your bracelet into the slits and voila!  
You can clasp the buttons behind if you want:

 Or just leave them flat.

And the best part - in my opinion - is that these are totally interchangeable.  Just cut different shapes for different occasions, add the slits and slide them on.  It's like a felt charm bracelet!  You could even include a few extra felt shapes in a little "felt charm bracelet kit" if you wanted to!
The ideas are flying now... 

The perfect little gift from cupid to your little friends!

And here's the printable version of the card for your personal use!

Don't those little hands up there make YOU all fuzzy inside???  Don't let it fool you.  You know I bribed them.

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Michelle L. said...

Heeheehee, I totally knew it! Love the bracelets, they are just so fun and I can see doing other shapes for different occasions.

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