Thursday, January 3, 2013

List number one.

I always have a lot of fun looking over my popular posts and seeing what people have been drawn to.  Sometimes I'm kind of surprised.  Sometimes I'm a little embarrassed (as in the fact that my huge cake failure is listed over on the sidebar as one of my top 5 popular posts of all time.  Awesome).  In any case, the stats have spoken, and here are my:

 Top 10 Posts of 2012

10. Pedicure in a Jar
pedicure in a jar

9. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (with free printables)

8. Easy Cowboy How-to

7. Stealing ideas from other people - namely Delia and Kim.  (aka a lego mat, a lego belt, and distressed canvas art)

6. Herringbone Weave Wreath

5. Zulily Dress Knock-Off (and an upcycle!)

4. Shmelded Skirt (aka The Paper Bag Bubble Skirt)

3. Christmas Carnival - Part 1
(Here's Part 2, for the curious)
(also included are resources for throwing your own circus party - links to game ideas, cheap decor, inexpensive toys and prizes, paper goods (popcorn boxes, trays, etc.)

2. Sock Donuts

And the number one viewed post?  It was really no contest.  Far and away the most clicked on, viewed, pinned, and talked about:

1. Pixie Tutu

I don't say it enough, folks, but thank you.  Thank you for reading, commenting, pinning, and just, you know... following along.  Thanks.

(Ps.  I changed my header a little.  Did you notice??  There will be others throughout the year, too, so you should pop over from your reader every once in a while to see them!)

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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