Monday, January 21, 2013

And mr. said, "She's an excellent baker..."

Last week I decided I was tired of trying to figure out what to make every single Monday and wondered why we ever stopped taking turns with that task.  Was it because of my mom's disgusting hot dog decision?  Maybe.  I'll blame her.
So I tossed my phone all opened up to the pinterest ap to the mr and told him to find me some recipes.  "Whatever looks good" I believe were my exact words.
3 hours later, ok - that's a slight exaggeration - but he really did take a short eternity looking through every single pin - and apparently that's my board with the most pins - he came back with a main course and a dessert.  We'll talk about the main course later.  Tonight is about the dessert.

Long ago - so long, in fact that I don't even remember doing it - I pinned this:
                                                             Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

I mean, super cute, right?  Little individual pineapple upside down cakes?  Yes!  Please!  

I hopped on over to Big Mama's Home Kitchen where I studied her post about Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes in depth.

When you see something like this:

cooling off on the rack, you decide to go for it, am I right?  So I told the mr no prob and got to work.  

Everything according to plan.  Recipe easily reconstructed.  Clear instructions to follow.  Looked like perfection going into the pan.

I could taste the pinapple-y goodness already.  The minutes ticked down on the oven and my mouth started to water.

I had to cook them slightly longer than the recipe stated, but no matter.  I brought them out of the oven and surveyed their golden-y deliciousness, sniffed their yummy made-from-scratch-scent.

Following the directions, I placed the cooling rack over the cupcake tin and flipped everything upside down.

And that is what happens when you start to get cocky about your baking abilities.  Just last week mr was telling some friends what an excellent baker I am...

I served it to everyone anyway.  At least it tasted good.

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She Reads Late Into the Night said...

Definitely going to try and make these they look so yummy!
Amy Yingling
The Crafty Book Nerd

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