Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Create the Most Gorgeous, Delectable Two Tier Beauty of a Birthday Cake You Have Ever Seen.

No, people, I am NOT kidding.  For tonight's Yummy Monday, I will show you how I created the most gorgeous two tiered cake I've ever made.  I know you are skeptical, and I really can't blame you, since we all remember this debacle (and can some of you please, for the love, click on different tutorials so I can get this one OFF of the most popular list over on my sidebar there?  It's embarrassing!)  

Back to the matter at hand.  After that cake, and this one, and this thing, I begged my sister IL to make the cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday.  Enter, adorable beehive cake.  She also made the cake for my best friend's party.  And for my husband's.

I decided I needed to give her a cake break.

So I present to you: A cake tutorial.  

1.  Amidst the cleaning of the house, the sewing of the birthday outfit (which you can see if you follow me on instagram - @bugabooblog), the making of decorations, the making of party favor bags, the making of birthday presents which are quickly discarded for their less interesting and time-consuming counterparts, the creating and stuffing of pinatas, and other birthday party hoopla, realize that you have yet to worry about food.
The birthday present.  Also, I made a map.  More photos to follow at a later date.
2.  Realize that the party is the next day.  How could you overlook food?
3.  Wonder if anyone actually NEEDS to eat... you DID make homemade rock candy, after all.
homemade purple rock candy.  First attempt!
4.  Drag your mom with you to the store to load up on some party food after grudgingly acknowledging that party-goers can't be expected to nourish themselves on pure sugar coated sticks.  Especially since some of those party goers are not related to you.
5.  Grab the necessary ingredients for your "famous" picco de gallo and guacamole.  Also, the necessary ingredients to create adorable fruit cups.  As you're walking down the baking aisle, wonder what in the world you're thinking.  You still have to finish the aforementioned birthday outfit and pinatas AND decorate.
Her outfit.  She dressed as Dora - sans shorts plus mini sweater skirt.  Tutorial at a later date.  I also made those yellow ruffle socks since no one in the known world sells those.
6.  Run by the bakery section.  Become indecisive at the last moment.  Grab multiple styles of cakes - medium, little and cupcake.  They'll all come in handy at some point right?
7.  When you get home, stare at your cake options.  Become more indecisive.  Decide you don't really have to decide.  Grab a spatula and scrape the little cake carefully onto the top of the big cake.  Note: Go slowly.  Slide the spatula around the bottom of the cake first, to loosen it.  You will likely have a little hole or crack in the frosting of the small cake - don't worry!  You can put that in the back.

8.  Top with the 89 cent candelabra type candle holder you bought back in the summer for this occasion and nearly forgot about.
9.  Realize you don't have any candles that are skinny enough to fit in said candelabra.
10.  Borrow skinny candles.  Who cares if they don't match the color scheme?  The cake is brown and white, for crying out loud!

11.  Pull the pink plastic pony heads off of the cupcakes.  Make sure to clear them of frosting - the most efficient way is with your tongue.
12.  Set out the pony-less purple cupcakes STRATEGICALLY - in front of the cake.  That's all the kids will care about anyway.

13.  Send your husband for tacos at Taco Bell.  At least you made the pico de gallo.
14.  Say happy birthday to your baby - not such a baby at 3 years old now!

PS.  Extra bonus points if you cause your daughter to kick over the cupcake stand while hoisting her up to blow out her candles.  If the cupcakes land upside down on the tile and lose their frosting as the plate flies across the room and shatters into a million pieces while both the birthday girl and her nearby brother start wailing in terror and guilt at what they think is their fault, after which the brother runs upstairs to his bedroom completely fraught with emotion, well, kudos for going the extra mile!

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