Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is a post about advents.  And it's really advantageous for you to read it.  You see what I did there, right?  Advent-ageous?  
It's either a play on advantageous OR a cross between advents and contagious.  You decide.

What IS for SURE contagious?  The desire to create one-of-a-kind beautiful works of art like the advents below.  I love them all.  I'm not kidding when I say I want to make each one of them.  But that would be a ridiculous amount of advents at one time.  And we don't have that much space.  Plus, it would take a long time to make them all, and Christmas would be over by then.  BUT, here's to numerous ideas for next year, right?  Plus, if you haven't made one yet, we're not even a week in... you can still start!

1. Wood Spool Scavenger Hunt - Just Something I Made
2. Origami Calendar - Homemade Gifts Made Easy
3. Felt Circle Countdown - She Knits Shizknits
4. Framed Boxes (and bits of sentimentality) - Kate's Creative Space
5. Bookcase Diorama - Two Shades of Pink

6. Christmas Street (A Paper Village Advent) - Mr. Printables
7. TP Tube Garland - Maya Made
8. Matchbox - Martha Stewart
9. Tool Box - Sassy Style
10. Santa Beard - Oopsey Daisy
11. Gum Countdown - Delia Creates (Other awesome ideas in this same post - like the "Magic Golden Box" and the Christmas Book a Day)

12. Shoe Organizer - Sparky Fizz
13. Favor Boxes - Envelopments
14. Clothespin Countdown - Kirsty Wiseman
15. Magnetic Advent - Twig and Thistle
16. Paper Cone Trees - Pink Suede Shoe
17. Toilet Paper Tube Elves - Canadian Living Magazine
18. Wire and Frame Advent - Craftaholics Anonymous

19. Advent Pinata - Monkey Choo (this is the english translation link)
20. Bingo Number Countdown (with fabric gift tag pockets) - Skip to my Lou
21. Yogurt Cup Punch - Les Couleurs de l'air (this is the english translation link)
22. Rustic Bags - bonbon mini
23. Punch a Bunch - Tidbits from the Tremaynes
24. Wall Pockets - The Craft Crow
25. Advent Ornaments - kojo designs

I can tell you right now that we will FOR SURE be doing number 25 next year.  And maybe a shortened version of it this year still.  As for the rest?  Well, isn't is just like me to add mountains to NEXT year's to-do list when this year's to-do list is still miles long?  Perhaps I'll just sit here and look at all the eye candy until the feeling passes.

Want more eye candy?  You can find these and about a billion other Christmas ideas over on my "Christmas Love" Pinterest Board.

*Be sure to check the right sidebar for all the fun parties I link to!

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