Wednesday, December 19, 2012

About that one book.

I know I don't need to tell you this, I know you expect it of me by this time, but I apologize for being MIA.  You know, handmade Christmas chaos.  I'm sure you understand.  I hope to have things under control enough before the fam and I leave to visit family that I can do some stellar posts - since I know you've been missing them and all...

ANYWAY.  Some exciting news.  Remember how I told you about this book I wrote?

Well, friends, it arrived.  I mean, I got my copies.  I held them in my very hands and smelled their fresh of the press scent.  (Ok, maybe not that part.  They didn't really smell like anything.) BUT I did see my name in print in real life, and that's plain cool.  (If you follow me on FB or instagram, you already know this.)

AND.  Well, in honor of this momentous occasion, I want to give you a copy!  You can click on over to A Girl and a Glue Gun (you know, the other Kim) to see how to enter the giveaway for a chance to get my book for freesies!  The giveaway's already open, and she's picking a winner on Christmas Eve.  How fun is that?

AND.  If you simply cannot wait to win, you can always go buy it online on Annie's Catalogue:  Modern Mod Podge by Kimberly Mueller.  It's available via hard copy or electronic.  

More to come on this front!  For now, just enter the giveaway, dream about awesome mod podge projects, and anticipate the holiday gift tutorials I am hard at work on.  (that was an awkward sentence, but I'm too tired to change it...)

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Christina said...

SO excited for you!! :)

Delia said...

sooo excited for you! You rock!!!

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