Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've gone completely batty.

You know how I procrastinate, right?  So there's (unfortunately) no way I get all my decorating and costumes done, photographed and blogged before the holiday is over.  I try.  I really do.  It just doesn't happen.

The good news is that due to procrastination from LAST year, I have several little Halloween projects to show you THIS year.  Sure the kids are bigger, the photos aren't as good, and ideas may be slightly dated, but, doggone it, I'm posting holiday items in a timely fashion this year!

This week I'm going to show you four simple, last minute Halloween crafts that you can easily get done before the holiday is upon us!

Today, I present the:

Stolen from this post on Delilah Creates.  Hers are cute.  Mine are spooky.  See, I'm still original.  ...

The how to?  

Print a template from online.  (just google "bat shape")
Trace around it on the back of black patterned scrapbook paper (mine was card stock weight)
Cut them out.

Use tape to adhere them to your window.  My windows have screens on the side portions inside, so I had to tape my bats up OUTSIDE.  I was worried about them staying put in the harsh winds this time of year, so I used packing tape.

Place one bat in each pane.

And you're done!  I love that it looks a little like specimen art.  (Which was totally trendy last year, and not so much now.  Huh.)

By day, you can see different "species" (classified by scrapbook paper pattern) and by night...

Spooky silhouettes!

If you had a silhouette, this would be even easier.  (I mean, I ASSUME it would...)

Of note, I bent the bats wings up a little at different angles and amounts for variety.  The packing tape did its job very well and we didn't lose a single bat - even though there were many days when I almost blew away myself.  Actually, on those days it was kind of fun to watch the bats since they looked like they were flapping against our window...
And they came off the window smoothly - no packing tape residue.  Phew!

I had extra, so I decorated inside our front door too.

I imagined the window was the moon and the bats were circling...

Easy?  Why yes!  Yes it is!  Aren't those the best holiday crafts?

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Michelle L. said...

Looks very cool - and I totally see the moon!

Unknown said...

This is so fun! We're currently living in a country where Halloween is not highly celebrated so my neighbors really would think I'm batty but I'm so pinning this for when we move back to the States.

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