Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dismembered eyeballs aren't really HORRIFYING...

Remember yesterday when I said I didn't really like terrifying decorations and would rather keep things just slightly creepy?  Well, these eyeballs are kind of borderline, I suppose, but in my opinion still fall into the "not as bad as Freddy Krueger" category.

You'll need:
ping pong balls (from the dollar store)
a screwdriver
flameless tealight candles
round sponge brush
red colored pencil
fine tip black sharpie
Craft paint: red, purple, green, blue, brown, black, white
hairdryer, if you have one handy

1.  Start by poking a hole in your ping pong balls with the screwdriver.  They may crack a little, and that's ok.  I poked my hole over the black writing.
2.  Slide the ping pong ball down over the "flame" of the flameless candle.
3.  Push it all the way down, securely.
4.  Now it will stand on its own!  (as well as light up...)
5.  Take a small round sponge brush and dip it in the color you'd like your iris.  
6.  We did red, purple, green, blue and brown.
7.  Take the other side of the brush - the handle part, and dip it in black for the pupil.
8.  Wait until the irises are dry and then put the pupil right in the middle.
9.  Use the red colored pencil to draw veins around the iris, 
10.  and to the back of the eyeball.
11.  Use the black fine tip sharpie to draw little lines around the iris for detail.
12.  It will look like this.
13.  Use the toothpick to dab a bit of white paint on the pupil for highlight.  
14.  This makes the eyeballs look more "realistic" (as realistic as ping pong balls can look...)
15.  If you want, you can add a bit of red paint splotched here and there for blood spots.  Gross.

And you're done!

Just turn the lights on on the bottom of them and plant them around your yard.  We put ours in our front flower bed to welcome the trick-or-treaters.  These are fun, because in the day time, you can see the details, and at dusk you can see the eyeball part but also see them glowing and at night, they just look like creepy glowing eyes watching you...

Please excuse the quality of these photos.  This was last year, after all.

Of course, this year when I went to the dollar store to see what they had for Halloween, I saw ping pong balls with eyes.  Yep.  Already done for you.  So maybe this tutorial is totally moot.  Although, they didn't light up on their own, so you'd still have to push them onto the tealights...

I love it when the dollar store steals my ideas.

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Anonymous said...

I really love the idea! and who cares if they sell eyeball balls already done, diy is always better :)

Anonymous said...

I really love the idea! and who cares if they sell eyeball balls already done, diy is always better :)

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